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Changing The Skin Colour

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on: 24 Sep 2006, 07:18:28 pm
Folks, if you are finding the Choc, Blue and Gold skin on this new forum a bit hard to handle, it is user changeable.

To do this you need to hit the PROFILE tab at the top of the screen, then you will see the CURRENT THEME - if you click the CHANGE option you can change to Classic view (which is very similar to the old forum board). 

Remember to then click CHANGE PROFILE at the bottom of the page.

MrsHW :-*
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Reply #1 on: 24 Sep 2006, 08:54:34 pm
If everyone writes in purple lol it would be unreadable...I had to highlight ypur post to follow the instructions lol...shame as i think the colours are quite good.

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Reply #2 on: 24 Sep 2006, 08:56:13 pm
I think the new look forum is slick.