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on: 05 Oct 2006, 06:59:15 am
the whole show was based on promotion and relegation,guests were ian millward-david howes,,,,really enjoyed this weeks show,it was a pretty fierce debate going on,david howes was the only one shouting for p/r to remain part of the system,stevo talked the usual garbage,2 comments spring to mind    "we should ban overseas players in yhe 2 lower divisions"   &   catalan should be full of french players"   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what!!!!!! nl1 are allowed only 1 overseas player and nl2 2 players,,catalan !! well enough said,,

                    any of you lot see it ??? ??? ???

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  • Is tho in yan? Is tho in yan? oohoo
Reply #1 on: 05 Oct 2006, 07:06:56 am
Yeah seen it too! Really got me wound up.. Stevo is a wind up merchant and I would love to meet him face to face!

Can't stand Jam, eh!

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Reply #2 on: 05 Oct 2006, 08:29:20 am
Watched  it  too  and  thank  god  we  have  a  bloke  like  David  Howes.

As  for  Stevo  what  a  plonker.  I  just  wonder  what  he'd  say  if  his  beloved  Dewsbury  were  to  make  next  years  GF.............I  wonder  if  he'd  be  in  favour  of  promotion  then.

One  word  he  repeatably  kept  coming  out  with  was  Stability  within  clubs  and  he  also  kept  harping  on  about  the  amount  of  foreign  players  in  our  game  and  as  a  result  the  lack  of  British  talent  coming  through.  What  this  has  to  do  with  promotion  I've  no  idea  but  its  quite  simple.........put  a  block  on  the  amount  of  overseas  players  a  team  is  allowed.

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Reply #3 on: 06 Oct 2006, 04:03:58 pm
put  a  block  on  the  amount  of  overseas  players  a  team  is  allowed.

well said it all comes down to overseas players it has nothing to do with the national league clubs its all the super league clubs that bring in overseas non quota players. people say they do this so that they can compete with other teams who have these players aswel but if you put a block on the amount of overseas player (overseas meaning non british) then that is your problem solved teams will have to bring through young british players and stevo and the other people get what they say they want british players coming through and playing in super league, but they wont do this because that would mean the likes of saints and bradford would have to lose all of their best players such as vianakolo lyon fa'fili etc and that would reduce the quality of rugby in super league and as david howes said it is a spectator sport and people want to be entertained. also when the cas coach said that the rl were promoting medeocraty by making a big deal out of 11th playing 12th that is a load of rubbish it was a very important match and entertaining at the very least but if THAT is promoting medeocrity then having 14 teams in super league and having no relegation so that the bottom team isnt botherd that they are there because they know that they will be in super league next season surely is ??? :o :o
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