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Donny only had six first team players on the field today!!

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Makes it even more rediculous.  six players from the team that beat Dewsbury. 

The players today will look back at this as a huge failure on their season.

Coxy said Donny were determined to win> We were not>

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Not at all, no team plays well with a lot of wins on the run! It is hard to play good football when you have been playing second rate teams for weeks.You always lift your game when you play harder teams.Haven needs a few games against quality sides to be able to play quality football consistently, otherwise there game just sticks to a level just above the teams they have been playing.

If you don't lose, you never learn from your mistakes.

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Its one thing to lose to cas, wid and the likes, to lose to a weak donny. Was the same 1st half bram game and  batley. If they play first half like that with cas or widnes we,l get hammerd its simple as that.


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we always have 1 game like this every season lets hope thats it out of are system now

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These soft defeats usually come either very early (when we are stil a bit rusty) or very late (when fatigue and injuries are taking there toll) in the season not when we should be playing consistent, quality rugby.  This defeat wasn't one anyone expected, I can see a few more coming when we play away from home.