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time to reflect

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 06 May 2007, 07:08:32 pm
having had time to reflect..this performance today was like rochdale away last year or fax away the year before that...at least we got a bonus point which could prove vital

yes  we were well understrength today ...but we also performed well below par

a cas widnes draw and us beating fax could put it all square again

i think us cas and widnes will all get beat 3  or 4 times this year...remenber cas going to rochdale in 2005 and getting beat, remeber rochdale going it widnes last year and winning

yes its a defeat we could have done without but its not the end of the world


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Reply #1 on: 06 May 2007, 07:13:58 pm
if you think about it

cas play widnes a week on thursday if cas or widnes one of those teams loose by more than 12 points one of those wont have a bonus point

if we beat halifax on the sunday after that game we would move onto the same amoune of points (15) as the losers of that game providing they dont get that bonus point  ;D

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Reply #2 on: 06 May 2007, 07:52:04 pm
a cas widnes draw and us beating fax could put it all square again

Sadly it wouldn't as it is two points for a draw. In my opinion a draw between Cas and Widnes is probably the worst result for Haven. I think for us to look at top spot is slightly unrealistic. Second at best in my view as I don't feel we are stronger than both Cas and Widnes.

Offline Dogs

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Reply #3 on: 06 May 2007, 09:25:49 pm

There is absolutely zero chance of Cas getting beaten "3 or 4" times in National One this year.

Zero chance.


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Reply #4 on: 06 May 2007, 09:39:02 pm
i think cas will loose 2 games

widnes (away)
haven (at the recre if we give 110%)


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Reply #5 on: 06 May 2007, 10:05:57 pm
If we play against Cas like we did today we will get stuffed. We will be top 3 but we win't be in any grand finals today unledd we buck up out idea's