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on: 21 May 2007, 01:43:38 pm
i think this should be pinned up in the home changing rooms and the lads should either read it or be read it before they take the field. thoughts please

The Warriors raise up from the Ashes to stand side by side
For the People we play for are our spirits inside
As the voices chant, the winds are no more
For the generations have gathered together
As we enter through the front door
In passion and rage we release fear into the night
when all is said and done, heads bow to acknowledge the eyes
In Peace we arrive to understand the journey
In friendship we laugh and cry
For the People valley the truth with the heart of the mind
As I take my first breath
The battle is won from the game of life
As the Players give it their all
to be titled the Warriors of the faithful light.
The Warriors of Whitehaven I am inside.

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Reply #1 on: 21 May 2007, 03:28:39 pm
I thought Haven had dropped the "Warriors" title???????
Keith - Haven Legend previously a former Haven Immortal!!!


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Reply #2 on: 21 May 2007, 04:16:12 pm
they have but its stil a good speech/poem


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Reply #3 on: 21 May 2007, 10:26:48 pm

 I think you've  been on the bottle.


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Reply #4 on: 21 May 2007, 10:56:27 pm
no mate that would be you. as its a quality speech wich i know in the change rooms before a game read out to the lads would fire them up even more.


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Reply #5 on: 21 May 2007, 11:25:41 pm
why did we drop the warriors name did have summet to do wid wigan


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Reply #6 on: 22 May 2007, 08:08:06 am

 You are having a laugh it would put the players to sleep.


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Reply #7 on: 22 May 2007, 08:13:26 am
It is quite a rousing poem, however do you think that flapper and Calvert would understand it ?


Offline haven hora

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Reply #8 on: 22 May 2007, 01:11:15 pm
why wouldnt they understand it do you understand it special brew 92 ?


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Reply #9 on: 22 May 2007, 01:12:09 pm
lowca have you ever got anything positive to say about whitehaven rlfc your probably a town fan who just likes to act as a haven fan and they bad mouth haven on here

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Reply #10 on: 22 May 2007, 02:25:38 pm
Haven Warriors stand side by side
Make them fear us with  the fire inside
Get on that pitch and show what we,v got
Where the mighty fear,d Haven
there in fe a shock !!!


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Reply #11 on: 22 May 2007, 03:29:32 pm

 Popularsider it seems you cannot take criticism nobody has a view only you.

 You were the only haven fan to predict in the Match Predictions
 section that Haven would be BEATEN.

 Here's the score you predicted  HAVEN 18-32 FAX,  just in case you forgot.

 You're a true Haven supporter I see. You should have faith in the team and be positive.

 I am a Haven fan who has an opinion.






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Reply #12 on: 22 May 2007, 04:15:27 pm
your right and im not the only fan who predicted haven to get beat  ::) obviosuley you wernt there on sunday half the people around me said they wenrt expecting a win today

yes i'am a true haven fan been supporting the club 18 years i paid my money through the bad times when tamti was in charge as am sure some people on here did


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Reply #13 on: 22 May 2007, 04:21:40 pm
Haven Hora,

Yep i understand it, still don't think that Calvert, Flapper or you will get it though.


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Reply #14 on: 22 May 2007, 04:31:26 pm
Popularsider you say you payed your moeny through the bad times but you said you weren't going to pay your money for the bramley match i think thats disgaceful.