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Half Time 10:16

Offline Martin

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on: 31 May 2007, 08:30:25 PM
Just like to say how GOOD the commentary team is today, If they get a decision right first time they see it, it will be a minor miracle or sheer luck ! Stevo isn't at all biased, "no he didn't touch the corner flag" or words to that effect when quite clearly their winger's foot touched it and  knocked it. You could see it from the long camera shot at full speed, yet these guys can't see it when they are at the game or on the TV replay !

Could have swore if a player loses the ball and it touches an opposition player its a knock on even if he re-gathers it before it hits the ground likely not, the TMO didn't think so anyway !

Oh well just the second half to go ........... come on boys