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The Can Thrower!

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on: 11 Jun 2007, 04:40:11 pm
Did anybody see who threw the can at the ref??? :o


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Reply #1 on: 11 Jun 2007, 04:59:15 pm
Did anybody see who threw the can at the ref??? :o


Didn't even know this had happened till i read this.
As bad as the ref was he does not deserve that, find the culprit and ban them from all RL grounds

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Reply #2 on: 11 Jun 2007, 05:09:43 pm
all i know is that it was thrown by some arsehole in kells end

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Reply #3 on: 11 Jun 2007, 11:38:47 pm
Was it not poor Calverts asthma  blower he needed it yesterday they should have taken the lad off till he was Right leaving him on to struggle like that was terrible.
I never seen the can been thrown like its a wonder the stewards never done anything they cant have seen it.

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Reply #4 on: 11 Jun 2007, 11:59:09 pm
 I saw the ref pick it up and chuck it back off the pitch. At the same time two stewards behind me on the popular side were going towards the Kells end. As I was on the 40 metre line closest to the railway end I doubt they saw who it was. However bad the ref may be in the eyes of some there is no excuse for it.  >:(
You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.

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Reply #5 on: 12 Jun 2007, 02:16:31 pm
It's ok the stewards said that they will find out who it is as the camera was pointing at the Kells end at the time it happened. They should be named and shamed if you ask me. Anyway referring to Calvert's asthma inhaler and him needing it, he was sick twice while he was off the pitch, must of had too much sun!