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HAVEN vs CAS <next years GF>

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on: 10 Oct 2006, 09:45:05 pm
just for starters!!

i reckon we'll beat them 26-16 at widnes

the GF's will be back there next year as Warrington only has 2 sides seated
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Reply #1 on: 11 Oct 2006, 06:26:34 pm
i wouldnt rule out other teams like widnes maybe leigh or even doncaster next season :o im sure they would have something to say about that GF line up

but if it was us and cas in final with the squad we have a few more top quality players and the players cas have lost to SL i would go for 32-22 win to haven
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Reply #2 on: 11 Oct 2006, 10:26:22 pm
I think we will get to the GF next season, but i think the teams to watch next season will be Cas, Widnes, Leigh, Donny (all FULL TIME) and a suprise package might be Rochdale.  I think with the team we have built this season that we can only go from strength to strength and a new stand on the popular side there will be no stopping us next season.


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Reply #3 on: 17 Oct 2006, 04:19:06 pm
not to sure now with the signing that cas and widnes have made
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Reply #4 on: 17 Oct 2006, 04:43:07 pm
im going for 22-10 in the grand final
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Reply #5 on: 19 Oct 2006, 08:12:50 am
Haven 27 Cas 18

Carl Rudd kicks all goals and even a pen! Jacko (Marc) does a drop goal in the last 2 mins just for the hell of it!

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Reply #6 on: 20 Oct 2006, 03:03:35 pm
DEFO WIN TOP SCORE 34-12 TIL US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Reply #7 on: 11 Nov 2006, 07:53:36 pm
Miss tiger we do have bull and that is it i think but for you you are a full time team and struggled to beat us in 2005 you mabye beat us in the one that mattered but we beat u many a time
Whitehaven won two out of five meetings I believe,not many a time.

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Reply #8 on: 14 Nov 2006, 09:05:44 pm
we will paste em at home n give em a gd run away unlike last yr... not prdicting the gf cos its more than likely it will be the same as the first two gfs but u neva no... and yes i do support haven


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Reply #9 on: 15 Nov 2006, 03:37:16 pm
Erm Hows about

Cas 12  Haven 42  ;D

Its only a game


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Reply #10 on: 20 Feb 2007, 05:50:17 pm
i dont care about how many full timers anyone has at the end of the day its who wants it more. ;)

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Reply #11 on: 01 Mar 2007, 02:13:59 pm
yeah but we wont get to go up if we get there and win because of the stand no one is doing anything about it


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Reply #12 on: 05 Mar 2007, 06:28:50 pm
thats whats p*****g me off about the club theres no go forward we want it the club doesnt end of
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Reply #13 on: 06 Mar 2007, 02:18:16 pm
Please dont temp fate