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on: 13 Jun 2007, 10:27:50 pm
ALAN IRVING for coach, err who's he I can here you whispering. Oh it's that unbiased reporter from the Whitehaven News.

Sicey's no.1 fan. (popularsider a close 2nd.)

He writes in this weeks Whitehaven News (puffing his chest out). I have told Steve McCormack in the past and keep telling Dave Rotherham Sicey must be in the 17. Even though he states I'm not too sure of his form or fitness.

When we lost our unbeaten run at Donny. He describes it as a defeat waiting to happen. Why didn't he inform D.R. and he could of done something about it? That day Sicey had a nightmare and was subbed after 20 minutes, Haven were 16-0 down. Many of the team were poor that day but Sicey stood out.

ALAN IRVING never writes when Sicey is playing poorly. Sicey has been out of form in his last 5 games. A good journalist gives a balanced report.

My opinion of Sicey is when he is playing well as he was early season he deserves all the plaudits he gets. The last 5 games he has played in he has been poor. He needs to find his early season form and he would be in my 17.

As for Alan IRVING maybe one day he will write a balanced column in the Whitehaven News. I won't hold your breath though.


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Reply #1 on: 14 Jun 2007, 02:54:04 am
sice is one of the top impact subs in the business! this is pretty much fact, when the guy is on form!!
however why is he not on form??
.............. my personal answer is at a guess is that no player thinks they are any good when when the coaching staff have no confidence in them, with sice this is the case FACT!!
so dr please give the lad a full chance (like u gave other out of form players) and i bet in a game or three time he will be back on the table of top point scorers on the home page!!

and lets be honest, points make prizes!!
and the more points we score the better!! FACT!!

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Reply #2 on: 14 Jun 2007, 10:36:14 am

sicey is 1 of our best players but has had poor form.do u not think he is trying 2hard 2impress wen he gets on thats why the mistakes come from.
dr needs to sort himself out why does he  keep giving ricky wright and scott tear there chances when both have been really poor and theres players like fordy whos been outstanding this year doesn,t get the chance.

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Reply #3 on: 14 Jun 2007, 10:44:55 am
Scott  Teare  could  be  a  quality  player  if  he  took  the  ball  at  pace.  Every  time  he  takes  it  in  he  gets  the  ball  from  an  almost  standing  start  and  by  the  time  he  picks  his  legs  up  and  gets  a bit  of  momentum  the  opposition  are  onto  him.  Rotherham  should  get  him  to  stand  a  few  yards  further  and  back  and build  up  his  run so  when  he  takes  the  ball  he's  going  at  speed.  A  lad his  size  should  be  battering  the  opposition.

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Reply #4 on: 14 Jun 2007, 01:22:45 pm
Scot was taken the ball at pace at the start of the season and was doing well, i dont know what the game plan is but Scot was running sideways on like alot do now, which is pointless for him to do.

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Reply #5 on: 14 Jun 2007, 03:45:58 pm
have to agree with alan on a few things he says in his eye on the ball column today. mainly that we the fans are being over critical of the team and coach and that sice should be in the 17. but most of all that dr has not got the quality of players at his disposal that steve mac had. so come on folks lets give it a few more games before we throw the towel in. god help the whole set up if we dont make the nrc cup final. lets get behind the club and give them every chance of progressing

havenfan in hull

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Reply #6 on: 14 Jun 2007, 04:20:02 pm
wel said mate

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Reply #7 on: 14 Jun 2007, 05:50:16 pm
Think Sice is in a catch 22 situation, if he doesn't play to D Rs game plan he's out, if he try's to play to the game plan his form goes out the window. Sice is one of those individuals who plays by instinct, no one knows what he's going to do next not even him, How many times has he come on when teams are tiring and swung the game for us. We had no plan B against Leigh, we had no Carl Sice to come of the bench.

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Reply #8 on: 14 Jun 2007, 06:22:02 pm
Scot was taken the ball at pace at the start of the season and was doing well, i dont know what the game plan is but Scot was running sideways on like alot do now, which is pointless for him to do.

I think Teare is a player who tends to disappear when we're in a battle and once our forwards get on top he all of a sudden appears and makes a big run. Similar to what Aaron Summers was like, hides when it gets tough. When we signed Teare i thought he'd be a bit part player but he started the season well and has deserved his go but he's not really good enough for this level.

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Reply #9 on: 14 Jun 2007, 08:03:13 pm
He,s normaly a sorta lad that would take first ball in and not worrie what his forwards would be doing good or bad threw the game.Getting the ball late dont help things for runs.
At the mo the bull is working overtime he,s the backbone of the forwards,well done bud.


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Reply #10 on: 14 Jun 2007, 08:26:24 pm
fats and bull are the 2 best props in this league by a long way


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Reply #11 on: 14 Jun 2007, 09:29:40 pm
I thought them 2 guys from Leigh were pretty damn good.

havenfan in hull

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Reply #12 on: 22 Jun 2007, 10:06:37 pm
i see alan mentioned this discussion topic in whitehaven news this week lol