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HKR salary cap bursting last year ,2 point deduction

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Yet again, who says cheats don't prosper



havenfan in hull

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Reply #1 on: 18 Jun 2007, 10:34:02 pm
cuda made a difference but guess we never know. id like to see them relegated tho

Offline LeeF

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Reply #2 on: 19 Jun 2007, 03:36:28 am
It's only a rumour so far

Offline Martin

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Reply #3 on: 19 Jun 2007, 01:31:35 pm
All the RL teams should have to submit their account  for salaries prior to the end of the season to the RFL, then if any points are to be deducted it should be in the season that the offence has been commited, that is when they have benefited from cheating !

Offline Rob_Haven

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Reply #4 on: 21 Jun 2007, 04:27:56 pm
so if its a rumour we cant really moan! YET

havenfan in hull

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Reply #5 on: 22 Jun 2007, 06:31:22 pm
super league is changing it salary cap system so at any given time the club has to be within the salary cap wat is right i think. also punishment for breaking it is ment to be increaseing massively