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Some gobby stupid haven fans once again.

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on: 24 Jun 2007, 11:43:17 pm
Just had a look on the Fax site and a we are showing our selves up once again, Where do these idiots from Havens so called supporters appear from, name and shame the buggers. I watched quite a few of the idiots hurling abuse at the Fax fans. The fax fans I could see where well behaved and a credit to their club. And I would like to apologies for the few idiots from my club who gave you a uncomfortable barrage of abuse. And I would have no problem naming & shaming you on here if I knew your names you bunch of MUPPETTS.

Quote from Fax forum below.

Thought the boys were gonna do it today - played really well in the first half but Haven were different class in the second.
Duffy and Rudd tore us to bits and once they got on a roll we couldn't get any possesion. They scored 18 points in ten minutes and just grew in confidence - their second phase football was outstanding and Fax struggled to contain them.
I thought there was a bad decision by the ref when Rudd scored - I'm sure that there were a couple of knock ons in the build up 
Anyway good luck to Whitehaven in the final - one thing I didn't appreciate was a minority of fans acting in a childish manner at the end of the game - not tarring the Haven fans with the same brush as most of them are sound - however, getting verbally abused when trying to write a match report was a tad annoying. One day we will wreak revenge - don't know when though


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Reply #1 on: 25 Jun 2007, 12:07:23 am
it was some chavs i was talking to a fax fan after the game and they said it was little chavs abusing them

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Reply #2 on: 25 Jun 2007, 09:52:16 am
I agree with you WHITEHAVENHERO that these so called fans should be named and shamed, these so called fans are just letting the club down. I just hope that they don't think were all like them as the rest of the Haven fans are great and well behaved. I found that the Halifax fans were friendly and some are even going to Blackpool to cheer us on.

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Reply #3 on: 25 Jun 2007, 11:20:02 am
and unfortunately more of these ars\holes will be turning up at blackpool giving our club a bad name again

i urge ANYONE who sees or hears unacceptable behaviour to inform des byrne or any other member of the board and something can be done about it
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