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England World Cup

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on: 04 Nov 2017, 11:41:42 AM
If Wayne Bennett's plan is to hide from the Aussies and NewZealand just how good a team we are then he certainly succeeded in that respect this morning (Vrs Lebonon).

We were clueless and worse than shocking IMO, and the performance was made all the worse to watch, because the idiotic BBC commentry team prefessed to see only good (mysteriously good), things about how we played, (that is until the final 5 mins when just a little doubt crept into their minds).

The pundits (if that's what the BBC would like us to call them) even had the gaul to call into doubt several of the many forward passes we threw out during the game........that's towing the line isn't it, when your other job is to keep the BBC viewing figures up for the next England match ?  Absolute rubbish IMO.

We were even led to believe that dropping a goal in the final seconds was an OK rugby tactic when we were looking incapable of scoring more points in the second half than an opposition who were only poor to average at best.
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Reply #1 on: 04 Nov 2017, 11:45:50 AM
I didn't watch the game but if the BBC used union commentators then they will be used to see if forward passes 😂😂
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Reply #2 on: 04 Nov 2017, 11:56:39 AM
Very poor I thought