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We are still talking about reaching the final. But?

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I see we are still talking about signing new players, and strengthening the squad, Well thats fine and dandy. We could do with a couple of new signings I agree. But folk's are saying maybe we can have them signed up for the grand final. Well why? What for?
I'll tell you why I say that. Firstly If we are good enough and lucky enough to get into the GF this season and win it. What happens next?
So I am going to open that old tin of worms up yet again. Lets just say we did get to the GF and are good enough to win it.
Then what.?  Have we been given the go ahead to go into SL that I have missed hearing about somewhere?  Have we made or are we going to make the same old statement that "We will be ready" when and if we realise that we could maybe just maybe make it to the GF as we get closer to the end of the season. Are the powers that be not sick of hearing us say we will be ready. So can some one tell me what the situation is, or what happens? Lets say we played Fax in the final and we won, But we have no ground fit for SL, does that mean Fax will go up even though they lost. I just think we should be asking this question now just in case we do pull of a GF game.
Once again nothing will be done or mentioned until it's to late. If we finish 3rd or 4th well this post is probably a waste of time, but if we do finish 1st or 2nd people will be asking why this was not mentioned earlier. If we can get  all the permissions and arguments sorted out during the closed season and the ground up-to scratch, How come we can not get them sorted out now?
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Reply #1 on: 01 Jul 2007, 02:26:46 am
 If we won no team would be promoted (of course this is assuming the RFL didn't accept our application)  ;)
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Reply #2 on: 01 Jul 2007, 07:59:30 am
You've got to win to get promoted and Halifax would probably not be able to go up either


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Reply #3 on: 01 Jul 2007, 01:30:01 pm
You've got to win to get promoted and Halifax would probably not be able to go up either

So what happens, no one goes up, so no one comes down from SL?

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Reply #4 on: 01 Jul 2007, 09:25:43 pm
i dont think we need worry we are going to no GF this season
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