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Tanny announcements

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on: 08 Jul 2007, 09:01:12 pm
Was the fella who was on the tannoy at todays game stuck to it. As were trying to watch the game all you got was him wittering away none stop. Could'nt he wait until the match had finished or wait until 5 mins before the end of the match so us wanting to watch the match could have done so. Wonder what John Cox will say about it as he is says about grounds and there tannoy announcers never shutting up!!!!!!

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Reply #1 on: 08 Jul 2007, 09:08:14 pm
Totally  agree.  It  was  ridiculous.

2nd  half  was  5  mins  old  when  the  tannoy  bloke  started  shouting  out   3/4 birthday  announcements.  Then  he  mentioned  twice  about  fans wearing  the  Kiwi  3  shirts  to  get  their  photo  taken for  the  Whitehaven  News.  In  between  all  that  he  harped  on  about  tickets  still  available  for  the  GF  not  too  mention  the  winning  raffle  tickets  for  a  signed  jersey.

Surely  most  of  this  could  have  been  done  at  half-time

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Reply #2 on: 08 Jul 2007, 09:27:21 pm
WRLFC were an all round shambles today.  What was served up on the pitch was poor.  But the unadvertised race night in the club house was an absolute joke, may have been good and well supported if anyone had known it was on!  Credit to the guys who were trying to make money out of the 30 or so people who were left!!!

No Dave Rotherham speech in the bar after the game - 0 out of 10.........must do better!
God this is a long tunnel...........and its getting longer by the minute!

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Reply #3 on: 08 Jul 2007, 09:33:25 pm

we have being saying that for ages. DR must do better

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Reply #4 on: 09 Jul 2007, 01:48:50 pm
was there a race, night was it any good.?

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Reply #5 on: 10 Jul 2007, 10:12:37 am
I agree. Tannoy announcements for anything other than safety matters and the MOM announcenet should be confined to before the game and half time. Mind it isn't that long ago that we used to have music being played through the tannoy for the first 5 minutes of the second half. With all due respect to the late John (Trackie) McVay we seem to be commemorating someones death with a 2 minute silence before every home game. There is a risk that this gesture of respect will lose it's significance if it not used more selectively. Does this happen almost every game at other clubs?