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A new beginning..........

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on: 30 Dec 2018, 11:24:23 PM
Looking back over the ‘League Years’ I believe ‘haven have had around 30 odd coaches, some good, some not so good, some local and some ‘fetched’ to the county. Some from far afield and some home grown with a ‘Whitehaven Reared’ label attached.

Many incomers have done well for our town, and others obviously failed to make a difference....and a few of the locals have put their heart and soul into the role, but struggled on occasions....while a good few others have galvanised the club and set us on a better path during their tenure.
Let’s go back over two or three years, when we suffered under the mismanagement of incomer Coyles, and then the breath of fresh air wafted in  by another none Cumbrian Carl Forster, (who showed us what could be achieved by co-operation with the board), commitment and dedication to the cause,  and hellish hard work and a good RL brain.

Both moved on, (one thankfully...if far too late) and the other regretfully, having put his heart and soul into the task,.......with great success.
So now we enter another new RL era for the Whitehaven RL club, …..one with Charlo, Jonty, and Macca, running the show, all Cumbrians, all with vast experience of Cumbrian RL and all with great exposure to the professional game.

Do the signs look good for our prospects now that Foz has gone and the ‘new broom’ has swept in ?

Foz left more of a legacy than some realise, .....those team members who remain from last year know they are ‘haven players who can impact in this league, and all of them are essentially ‘Cumbrians’ ....and I include JJP and Dion in that description.

Charlo, Jonty and Macca have since worked hard, and with the BOD's support, aiming to deliver what has been our supporters long treasured vision, which is to field a Cumbrian team, a team we can totally associate with, and a team which we can be so proud of that we get down to the Recreation Ground week after week to them watch play, develop and succeed in our name.

This season may be a start, where we are more successful or perhaps less so than we expect, BUT it is a Cumbrian team, a Whitehaven team, a local team we are being asked to support.

WHAT MORE COULD WE WISH FOR ?.......our team taking on anything our league can put against us, and what more would you wish to see than our lads doing their best, (BOD, Coaches and Team).

A new era, a new vision and a new start for Cumbrian RL is upon us, and begins in Whitehaven this season.....so make sure WE deliver what it deserves,  the support and patience it needs, ....and however difficult or successful this new era becomes, lets get others down there with us, and show them what the clubs now about, and  most importantly HELP US AND THEM KEEP THE FAITH while our new team beds in and develops.. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.     
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Reply #1 on: 31 Dec 2018, 10:57:15 AM
A New Beginning indeed Cbandg01 ..Couldn’t agree me with all your sentiments marra  👍 so let’s give the boys all our support this coming season....but they will need time to gel , and there will be stumbles. so when that happens , just shout louder and get behind them .... can’t wait for the start of the season and a happy new year to all....itchy wah wah oooh..masambula oooh...zigga zagga, zigga zagga..Whitehaven 👍🏉🏉🏉

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Oggy ?? Don't you mean jonty
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