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Here is a 360 degree panoramic view of Blackpool Stadium.

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Here is a 360 degree view of the stadium, Woder where we are all sitting.

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Thats a little bit out of date.

We will be sitting in the stand with Seasiders and BFC written in the seats, towards the corner I think. (the modern looking one)

The two much older stands have been demolished, and there is currently nothing behind one of the sticks, the one alongside the pitch is now a crappy uncovered seated area

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it's ok cos widnes are in that stand   ;D

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Correct Uni Haven...far end is flattened out ready for the new permanent stand being built this season...and the East stand is the uncovered seating which is a temporary stand. Crap in the rain but glorious in the sun - we burnt sat there last year - it was mega hot last year - not a cloud or breeze in sight!