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Monte - Hope you enjoyed another

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on: 15 Jul 2007, 04:47:20 pm
great final.  :D :D :D

66-1 winning bet on winning margin 46-50 points!  Oh what a happy

Did lose all my other little bets between 20 & 45 but hey ho that was
the biggest odds. Oh and Town seem to have struggled home.

Thanks Haven, like taking candy from a baby. ;)

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Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2007, 06:58:51 pm
Ipswich Steve ..all the time you are paying money and wasting your time to follow that shambles down the road.... I woul keep quiet.  We can I (as half of NL2 can) hammer you every time.  to really believe you have any basis to come on here and gloat from "Your" teams dire position is a joke.  We may be a substanial third in NL1 behind Cas and Widnes but you lot are so far behind..... it is unmeasurable.  Not one and i mean not one of your (Town) team would make the Witehaven side.....so enjoy your vists from Blackpool Gateshead and London Scholars.... Christ i woul rather watch my team play Glasson Rangers and they are SH++T ...but would still beat Town!!!!! 

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Reply #2 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:30:08 pm
I thought the Clown fans didn't care about todays final

Enjoy London Skolars and Blackpool Panthers :P


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Reply #3 on: 15 Jul 2007, 10:49:26 pm
Tractor boy,

Glad that you had a good day now run alomg my jam eating friend


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Reply #4 on: 17 Jul 2007, 02:24:40 pm
why oh why do you fall into steves trap everytime he mentions haven and their performance,we all know just how bad they played and as usual the coach gets it in the neck.did you notice just how ineffective your major forwards performed against a lighter widnes pack,trindall was not interested and neither was aaron smith,and fletcher after his warning for a high shot did not want to know after that.as a cumbrian rugby league fan it was down to haven to show the rest of the league that we still had something offer and that cumbria is thriving,well haven soon lost us that tag with a very poor performance and infact made cumbria look stupid.i was genuinely hoping that haven would get there and win for not only cumbria but for all the haven die hards who through thick and thin support their team home and away AND WHO DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE HALF TIME.they are not supporters they just go for the right to say they were there.as for scoreboard to slag off town again well he has been nipped by ipswich steve and gone over board,as a true diehard town fan i do not need him to tell me how town are doing as i can see for myself.i would love to have teams like cas and widnes and halifax but i have to be content with blackpool and gateshead and the rest of the crap in division 2.he go's on to say we would beat you everytime well theres truth in that as you have done so,so no real offence in that,i disagree that there is no one in the town squad who could not make the haven team but i am not here to decide who or what could benefit haven from town,there are a lot of town fans who wish that we were in havens position in division 1 but we are not ,but to slag off town when really the topic was about how haven performed is just sour grapes because you lost to a far superior team today.there is not many teams who will beat haven by that score and maybe only two, but they have made the descision to go full time and i suspect that that is the only route if haven ever want to compete against them two outfits.just take in the day as a good day except for the result,haven have again reached a major final for three years on the trot i wish town had been as succesful.lastly to our friend scoreboard,if you would rather watch haven v glasson rangers can we have your position in division 1or do we have to try and beat wath brow again.keep smiling you die hard haven fans your time has got to come sometime,and it might be with dave rotherham you never know. ;) ;) ;)


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Reply #5 on: 17 Jul 2007, 02:42:37 pm
Keith, I have been a die hard fan for well over 30 years marra, When they scored the first try in the second half I was off. 
For some reason marra this game, this team, and this coach have broke me. I have gone from die hard too I couldn't care less about Haven, Until something is done I for one will be voting with my feet and not going to any more games until Blackpools favorite clown DR as either jumped, or been pushed. I went and the brother in law came as well,  A Town die hard supporter himself, He won on a bet, what I folked out or a weekend in Blackpool with my wife watching that  performance, he took of the bookies, 350 quid. But like I say unless we do something now, rather than later we will be joining you at Donkey park, because our team played like donkeys on Sunday and they would feel right at home at Workington.  :P

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Reply #6 on: 17 Jul 2007, 04:56:57 pm
WHITEHAVENHERO, that reply wasn't from me it was from my good friend troutmaster!!!   

I don't know why you are all so surprised though by the result.   I think you, the Haven fans, had got carried away a bit because you were in a final on television.    Most people I spoke to before the game didn't give Haven much chance and score predictions away from the two participating teams mentioned score of 20 - 30 points to Widnes.    Maybe the 48 points difference was a bit much but heads dropped after the first two scores in the second half.   

I think Haven will probably perform better this week and keep the scoreline to that 20 - 30 gap.   Okay you may have trouble in the camp but that is up to the board of directors to sort out not hysterical ramblings on here.   The bottom line though is that neither Haven or Town are good enough, or likely to be, for anything higher than trying to be the best part-time outfit in the National Leagues.  At the moment we are trying to catch you up and who knows in 10 years time the roles may be reversed.

Two clubs trying to be the top of a two team league of west Cumbria, that's how we are and how we will stay.   And my dad's bigger than your dad.  ;D ;D ;D
Keith - Haven Legend previously a former Haven Immortal!!!


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Reply #7 on: 17 Jul 2007, 05:00:14 pm
Sorry mate, Yeah agree totally. shall I mention the M word, No better not it will never happen, anyway we might see you in NL2 in a couple of seasons the way things are panning out at the recre. Don't fancy taking DR of our hands do you marra?   Bet he is not loll  :P
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Reply #8 on: 17 Jul 2007, 05:12:49 pm
excellent post trouty