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Olstrom Returns

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on: 08 Jan 2020, 09:05:30 am
Whitehaven have re-signed talented forward Karl Olstrom for a second time, as they prepare for their return to the Championship.

The 27-year-old former Wath Brow junior will be in a second stint with Whitehaven, having also had two different spells with local rivals Workington Town.

It is probably fair to say there have been issues during Olstrom’s career which have affected his clear potential, ever since he was released by his first professional club Wakefield Trinity who had signed him from Wath Brow.

But Haven coach Gary Charlton is delighted to have Olstrom back under his wing at the Recreation Ground and is looking forward to a big contribution for him in the months ahead.

“There were a couple of minor issues with Karl when I had him as a player when I was coach at Workington Town,” he said.

“But they were nothing that affected his performance for us.

“He’s a very talented forward, well capable of playing in the Championship and I am sure he’s going to have an important role in our efforts to meet the challenge posed by the higher level.

“Karl hasn’t trained with us as yet but I have no doubts about his fitness and readiness for the new season because he’s always kept himself fit and he will actually be going to Newcastle with us on Saturday.”

Olstrom had joined Haven for the first time at the start of the 2017 season but he was released in April 2018 and a few weeks later re-joined Workington Town.

Whitehaven chairman Tommy Todd said: “Everyone speaks highly of Karl as a player and he was a popular member of the squad last time. He’s certainly the type of player who can give us a bit more out there on the field in the Championship.”

Whitehaven travel to Newcastle for the first pre-season warm-up game on Saturday against the Thunder with just three absentees.

n Haven have confirmed that the Ike Southward Memorial Trophy game on January 19 will kick off at 2pm so that fans can watch the Liverpool v Man Utd game afterwards.
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Reply #1 on: 08 Jan 2020, 09:40:27 am
And the timer is ticking as to how long  before he doesn’t turn up!  Do we never learn?

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Reply #2 on: 08 Jan 2020, 10:12:53 am
One step in the wrong direction IMO and his talent as a rugby player is not the issue it’s his head and attitude that is not wanted.


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Reply #3 on: 08 Jan 2020, 12:00:28 pm
Agree can't say I'm happy with this at all how many chances do club's give him I just don't believe he will fit in with the positive vibe at the club the last couple of years defo a.backwards step imo

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Reply #4 on: 08 Jan 2020, 12:31:22 pm
I don't think this is a good move. He will let us down.

Online spacecake

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Reply #5 on: 08 Jan 2020, 01:15:43 pm
Change the response on here excellent signing Karl played his best rugby under charlo lets hope for more of the same

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Reply #6 on: 08 Jan 2020, 01:25:38 pm
I agree Spacey. He’s been a daft lad in the past both for us and Town but I would give him one last chance. Hopefully Charlo can tame him

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Reply #7 on: 08 Jan 2020, 01:38:41 pm
Really has to be his last chance.

After the rumours which circulated about goings on during his last season at Town I'm surprised at this one?

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Reply #8 on: 08 Jan 2020, 02:23:41 pm
Welcome back Karl 👍🏻

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Reply #9 on: 08 Jan 2020, 04:08:15 pm
No brainer for me, players like him, he will get one chance, is an excellent player, he is local.  Nothing to lose imo.  The town rumours last season can't have been true as he played for them again and nothing happened from about it.

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Reply #10 on: 08 Jan 2020, 06:46:43 pm
This is a rather difficult challenge, however have a go.

Put the following words in the correct order to form a well known and proven saying :-

                 changes its never spots a leopard

Go on ....just give it a go.   ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Reply #11 on: 08 Jan 2020, 07:29:43 pm
not difficult karl olstrum.

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Reply #12 on: 08 Jan 2020, 09:10:31 pm
Not sure about this, If the players, coaches etc are happy then fine but, where will he play?

I do not think he is a better option than Jake Moore, Brett Phillips or Ellis Gillam, not to mention Connor Holiday and possibly JJP if he moves into the pack.

Although the PNG player fell through I think a look at young Carter at Barrow might be a shout, he didn't let anyone down last time and his out of hand kicking was better than anyone else in the club. Also Karl Dixon deserves a chance, we threw Greg McNally into the game at 17 and he tore Salford apart on his debut.

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Reply #13 on: 09 Jan 2020, 04:35:21 pm
 Think we should all give the lad a chance, he's a little older and a little more wiser  :tip:, so hopefully his dafter days are beghind him. I thought we saw an incredibly talented player for Haven while he was here  :bow:, just hope that he brings these skills again and gels with the team. :)

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Reply #14 on: 09 Jan 2020, 06:13:20 pm
not my choice of a good signing ....Carl will so easily train the house down week on week but if he doesnt fancy it then
A) He just wont turn up and let everyone down
B) Get sent off

Bit of baggage going by his past which hopefully he has got over but only time will tell, as someone else said probably 3 lads ahead of him come selection