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on: 15 Jul 2007, 07:29:53 pm
after todays performance we must get a new coach, so many bad decisions were made today but i will say the ref helped us loads  ???, if only that were the case.
rob jackson should have been on the bench instead of teare and used as a 2nd rower, seeds should have played, also thought that smith was having a good game defensively, every tackle he made was excellant and then he got took off for sice who did need to come on but he wasnt near his best today.
does anyone know what happened to our mascot when he got escorted away? i could only think he said something to nanyn but not sure?
imo i think now we need to get rid of DR and just make sure we try and finish the season on a high with a new coach coming in like Paul Crarey if them rumours are correct and give him time to make a team as he has done excellant with barrow.
but lets look forward to the next game at Widnes and hope we play with more pride and belief than today and make sure we give them a run for there money as we could if we played to out full potential.

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Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2007, 08:56:20 pm
i have got to say that was one of the worst refereeing performance i have seen ever!!!
i also thought Richard fletcher had a brilliant game although i seen on other parts of this site that people disagree with that.
as with this new coach business i believe it is to early to say DR should be sacked because look at what haven have done this season they got to the final even if they played utter rubbish they got there! , they made the comeback against Halifax.
I really hope the players play with more belief in themselves and they should be proud to wear a whitehaven shirt!!!!

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Reply #2 on: 15 Jul 2007, 08:58:40 pm
Dunno what happened with Pride...I saw that too... They migt have been taking him away for a cuppa lol

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Reply #3 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:01:55 pm
Please you can not be serious the players cant stand Rotherham  ..therefore they aint playing for hm.  The team looked
clueless in defence as they di dagiant cas.  Gary Broadbent was clearly very unsettled today...his actions in the sin binning and after the match toward Rotherham were very uncharacteristic,

Reality is changes are a msut , question is do we limp on or take action now?   

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Reply #4 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:02:11 pm
I think the players have lost faith and belief in DR where with other coaches they had full respect and it shows on the pitch.

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Reply #5 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:05:23 pm
yes Gary was surprisingly undisciplined there I was very surprised when he started on the Widnes lad on the floor...he's lucky he never got a red!

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Reply #6 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:08:32 pm
watch it on tv pal

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Reply #7 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:10:44 pm
tv or not he still laid into that lad, whether or not provoked should not matter. If he was disciplined he'd have got up and let it go so early in the game

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Reply #8 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:44:45 pm
watch it on tv pal

I've watched it twice now and the Widnes player hangs on to the ball for most of the time he is getting belted by Broadbent, then he lets go of it and gives him sonme back as well.    Later in the game Fletcher hit the same Widnes player with a real haymaker, whci he was lucky to get away with only with a penalty.
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Reply #9 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:46:15 pm
Yes, he should have been sin binned too, I don't disagree..,