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on: 15 Jul 2007, 07:46:22 PM
Personally after all the upset so far this season with the way Sicey, Lester, and the Seedsy situations have not been man managed, and the obvious lack of motivation in the team, the fact we seem to play with no game plan and we seem to have coaches who are not communicating or can't talk to and relate to both the players and supporters, I think we need to source coaches note both Head and assistant with these attributes ASAP.
Invite Lester and Seedsy onto the coaching staff for the under 21's, the lads would be in awe of these 2 great players

We need to start introducing the good young local lads, i.e. Bamber, Benson, Ford, Jones, etc. into the team instead of bringing in players on highly inflated salaries and paying loan players who are no better than our own local lads.

We need leaders off the pitch who the supporters look up to and trust, such as those we recently lost, a true Gentleman, Barry Richardson and
Gary Barwise. I would also suggest people like Billy Rudd and Harry Edgar Whitehaven supporters through and through.

And you and me the supporters "live in reality", i.e. we can't afford to keep bringing in players on inflated salaries in an attempt to make Super League on crowds at best of 2000 on average 1500 at the moment, "wake up it ain't gona happen".