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Man for man are Widnes that Superior?

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on: 15 Jul 2007, 08:04:30 pm
When you go through the players are widnes really tat much better.

Yes there are certain positions where their experience kills us but overall i do think halfour layers in the right evironment are as good as the opposition to day.  I.e is Noone and Doran really better than Rich flecth ?  No is Penny better than Duffy? No Is Blanchor or gaskell better than Maiden .. NO. The more I look at it an think about it we were under coached and under performed.

DR Needs to go...  We need some one who has respect of the player . Barry Mc and Terrry OC sounded pretty stunned at the loss of Lester and Seeds today.  to quote Mc Lester is a "huge loss" and "can't belive seeds is not playing"  Reality is they wouls not have made much difference   B UT We looked cluelesss in the heat of battle,     

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Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2007, 08:23:56 pm
Obviously yes on todays performance. Defence is where the difference really tells. Regardless of DR tactics he's not the one who gives daft penalties away.

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Reply #2 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:55:47 pm
I would say 99%, "Yes".    I think some need to put into perspective what today was about.    Havena NL1 team won their group by beating 3 NL2 teams, which qualified them for the quarter finals.   They then got Bramley at home.   After that they got Halifax at home and nearly blew it.    So, today was their first real test in this competition.    You were up against a full-time outfit and I think some of you were getting a bit carried away thinking because you had made the final that you had some sort of a chance.   I don't think with all the best will in the world, Haven were going to get anything other than a defeat today, it was just a matter of how many.   Next weeks game is more important to you than this week and how many will be going to the Halton Stadium??????
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Reply #3 on: 15 Jul 2007, 09:59:28 pm
Why Should We Get Rid Of Dave,,
Dave Gives Them Boys Respect From What Ive Been Reading Of Players Telling Him His A "F@@KIN P@@K Dosnt Sound Like Much Respect To The Coach,,
Some Of Our Players Need To Learn Some Respect!

Vikki x