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immediaate action needed

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on: 16 Jul 2007, 09:52:17 am
i have been posting on here for a while now and i have never known morale be as low as it is now. the bod have done a brilliant job in turning this club around. but it is not all rosie at the minute and something needs to change and pretty fast. morale needs boosting both for fans and obviously the players going by yesterdays fiasco. they looked as if they had not been coached all season and probably cos they have no respect for dave rotheram. that was obvious at the final hooter. we need a change of coach or a couple of signings to get this season back on track. i would feel sorry for dr if he got sacked because i honestly beleive he is trying but he is not getting it out of the players is he? we have not played well for most of this season .A LOT OF THINGS SEEM BROKEN AND I AM PLEADING WITH OUR BOARD TO START FIXING THEM IMMEDIATELY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

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Reply #1 on: 16 Jul 2007, 10:23:19 am
Well said marra its been the same most the season apart from the Catalan game where we showed some fire, the widnes game has finaly brought this to a head and something got to be done now. We,v been so lucky  to have got this far by playing S*** now the real teams were up against and like i and others said shows how far we've come on.....6 points not very far lets hope we can scrape threw the rest of the season but something has got to be done.


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Reply #2 on: 16 Jul 2007, 12:52:17 pm
Well said silver shadow