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players/board members/ the truth please?

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on: 16 Jul 2007, 10:49:30 AM
was told off people close to the club that the players were offered 750 each to win and they turned round and said they wanted 1500

come on players whats the truth?

was told yesterday rotherham had asked the board to pay for the overnight stop on saturday night, and the board refused, so rotherham arranged sponsors to pay for it.
when he appoached the players with what the situation was they said they wanted to travel down on sunday and stop in blackpool sunday night...............

what does that tell you of what the players were interested in?

come on players and board members, and probably dave rotherham............ whats the truth about that one?

i've no time for the guy but if this is true he should come out and say so, and let us all know what the players are really like!
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