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WE need a prop

Offline haven hora

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on: 16 Jul 2007, 12:20:42 pm
we need somefire power totally

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Reply #1 on: 16 Jul 2007, 12:24:22 pm
ye . i wonder if widnes get to sl how many players he will take with him. i hope we get a chance to sign the ones he offloads we could do with forest gump back and 1 or 2 others

Offline fairweather

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Reply #2 on: 16 Jul 2007, 04:32:05 pm
Haven have really struggled against any team with a half decent pack.
We need a big prop to get the team moving forward.
That has got to be a priority before the season slips away.
Half backs can't play if the forwards are going backwards.


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Reply #3 on: 16 Jul 2007, 04:36:02 pm
Our pack was shown up big time yesterday. We need a new front row, Trindall is awesome in defence but offers nothing when going forward. Jackson gives to many penalties away, Teare is a waste of space. the only one from yesterday who has a little credit left is Fats. We are going to be up sh1te creek when he retires

Come on board its money spending time !


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Reply #4 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:29:09 pm
They need two new props to supplement the two we got not one new prop.