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so lets says

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 16 Jul 2007, 02:52:54 pm
we get rid of DR because everyone thinks the players don't like him , have no respect for him etc etc...then we would have to pay of the remaining 5 months of his contract no problem there....then we get a new coach

karl harrison, paul carey or who ever( they will be on a 2 year deal)...what happens if 4/5/6 months down the line the players decide they don't like this coach .... what do we do then pay out the remaining 18 months of his contract and get another new coach...once you give in to player power you are on one  big slippery slope

now don't get me wrong I'm still not conviced DR is the man to take us forward....but it was the players attitudes that lost the game yesterday and that is what needs sorted out...
if all the rumours flying around  yesterday are correct...then some of the players didn't want an overnight stop on Saturday to prepare for the game properly..they wanted to stop in blackpool on sunday night for a night out...is that  acceptable to the fans

...also there wage demands...if we had won the club would get 12k plus about 20k off the gate 32k in total

rumours were the players wanted about 25k of this, after other expenses then club would make nothing out of it...is this acceptable to the fans

by all means blame DR for some of it but the players have to take there share of the blame as well

all i ask from any team of haven is 100% effort sadly that was not there yesterday..if they have problems with the coach fine sort it out off the feild...not in a final that fans have paid good money to watch and expect a decent game
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Offline brett kinghams mullet

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Reply #1 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:06:34 pm
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maybe its starting to dawn on some people the coach isnt the root cause of some of our problems

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Reply #2 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:17:55 pm
Brett Kinghams Mullet,,
Ive Finally Found Another Haven Fan Who Doesnt Think Dave Was The Cause Of Yesterdays Game,,
The 17 On The Team Yesterday Went Outt *& Didnt Want The Gamee At All,,,
Theyy All Just Wanted 1 Big P@@S Up In Blackpool!
I Think If Some Off The Players Were To Give Dave A Chance *& Forget The Differences Between Thereselves *& The Coach The Teamm *& Coach Would Be A Lot Happier!

Vikki x

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Reply #3 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:20:37 pm
i dont think its all DR's fault but he has to take alot of the blame especially for yesterday the team looked like they didnt know what they were doing it didnt look like there was a gameplan yes the players have to take blame aswel but it is easier to bring in a new coach then replace half a team
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Reply #4 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:23:31 pm
I will reply marra, yes I agree, We can not just blame the one, but why do so many people dislike the guy, to be truthfull I have not liked him from the beginning, can not put my finger on it, but I have no time for him.
But where does the buck stop? In my opinion we have a totally inadequate coach, and I think that now of the team. So can anyone tell me, were we go from here, who do we blame? and what can we, or what do we do about it. I think now marras we are on the slippery slope to 500 fans a week again.

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Reply #5 on: 16 Jul 2007, 08:26:47 pm
I think DR has took us as far as he can and thats all im going to say