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Morecambe and wise leave Wiggun

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on: 30 Jul 2007, 05:19:11 pm
Uncle Mo and Mr moneybags are leaving Wiggun at the end of the season


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Reply #1 on: 01 Aug 2007, 08:41:26 pm
where to hope a lot of decent players come this seson
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Reply #2 on: 01 Aug 2007, 10:33:52 pm
Whelan says Wigan bids on table 
Whelan has hit out at the Rugby League's treatment of Wigan
Wigan owner Dave Whelan has revealed he has received two bids for the club, with a third consortium interested, as he looks to sell in the next few weeks.
Whelan has grown disillusioned after the club were fined and docked points for breaching the League's salary cap.

He says he is "seriously considering" legal action against the punishment.

He told BBC Sport: "There is a lot of interest in us. We've had two firm bids with another consortium keen to meet me so we'll see what happens." 

An independent Rugby League tribunal found the Warriors guilty of exceeding the salary cap by ?222,314 last week, prompting the Rugby Football League to fine the club costs and dock them four points.

That decision played its part in chairman Maurice Lindsay's decision to step down at the end of the season, says Whelan, and is another example that the RFL "have a down on Wigan".

 "There's something in Rugby League HQ that says either get Maurice or get Wigan," said Whelan.

"It is fairly well known that certain clubs are doing things they shouldn't and getting away with it, but the RFL seem to think it is always Wigan who are the bad boys - or that Maurice is the bad boy.

"The RFL have ruled that we are not allowed to renegotiate contracts, which we want to do to abide by the salary cap rules, but that is perfectly legal.

"As long as both parties are in agreement it is within the statutes of UK employment law. We will wait to see what their reasons are officially, but we are seriously considering taking them to the court of law."

Such accusations were denied by the RFL, who released a statement, reading: "Each year all 12 engage Super League clubs submit a salary cap return which are audited by the RFL.

 Nothing will be done until I am convinced that the people who want to buy Wigan are Wigan people through and through.

Dave Whelan

"This year following this process, three clubs were referred by the Compliance Commissioner to a tribunal, independent of the RFL and chaired by a High Court Judge, for adjudication.

"This independent panel found that the three clubs of Bradford Bulls, St Helens and Wigan had breached the salary cap and prescribed penalties in accordance with the 2006 operational rules."

Either way, Whelan concluded that any disputes over their salary cap punishment need not hold up the sale of the club.

"There is no rush, obviously," he said. "There are five or six games left, I've convinced Maurice to stay on until the end of the season, and we will see how the negotiations go.

"Nothing is done, and nothing will be done until I am convinced that the people who want to buy Wigan are Wigan people through and through and that they support the club, Wigan rugby and the JJB stadium like I do and Maurice does."

 The thing is they break the cap 2 years in a row and moan about their 'unfair' treatment. They broke the cap by over ?200k!!!! That would be unbelievable if it wasn't Wigan! >:( They then win a legal battle to use the old rules and only get docked 4 ponts! >:( If anyone was losing faith in this sport then this could well drive them away. >:( And then for Dave Whelan to moan about unfair treatment drives me mad. As for Uncle Mo - Good riddance let the sport grow stronger!  >:( >:(

 Rant over!!!  ;D
You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.

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Reply #3 on: 02 Aug 2007, 04:11:46 pm
I wish that the RFL were against Haven as much as they've supposedly been against Wigan over the years.
Wigan have practicably been the RFL as long as Uncle Mo has been there.

They broke the rules and have been let off lightly in my opinion.

It seems to be one rule for one sport and another rule for another sport listening to Whelan.
He wanted West Ham strung up for breaking the rules, but then it is victimisation when it comes to his own bunch of pie eaters.