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Alex Rowe

Offline Ryan

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on: 14 Aug 2007, 05:09:19 pm
Donny have released Alex Rowe and i think we should at least offer him a contract, would be a better player than Baldwin, will make more yards and theres no harm in trying is there.

Offline Full80mins

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Reply #1 on: 14 Aug 2007, 05:11:03 pm
As long as he's willing to come up here, he's worth a go

Offline Ryan

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Reply #2 on: 14 Aug 2007, 05:52:43 pm
Well just see if he will come up here and train so they can see what he has to offer, he has got to be better than that old woman Baldwin.

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Reply #3 on: 14 Aug 2007, 05:55:06 pm
Anybody is better than Baldwin

if he would want to come up here there is no harm in trying and if a few props are going soon E.G Fats and Bull we could with some sort of replacement

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Reply #4 on: 14 Aug 2007, 06:12:14 pm
Last time we asked him he wanted too much money

Offline wizard

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Reply #5 on: 14 Aug 2007, 06:15:03 pm
Transfer deadline was 2 weeks ago

Offline Ryan

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Reply #6 on: 14 Aug 2007, 06:16:54 pm
Can you not sign free agents at any time duing the season.

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Reply #7 on: 14 Aug 2007, 07:02:13 pm
he would have to adjust his high opinion of exactly what he is worth before haven would try to sign him,

i believe last time he was asking for ?1500 plus a car plus a house!!!

i'll bet he signs for halifax
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