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give seedsy a fitting send off from the rec

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on: 24 Aug 2007, 08:48:09 pm
last  home game for seedsy deserves sommat special any suggestions


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Reply #1 on: 24 Aug 2007, 09:01:11 pm
Got one if not two more after widnes yet with the play offs

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Reply #2 on: 24 Aug 2007, 09:05:31 pm
is he actully retering

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Reply #3 on: 24 Aug 2007, 09:22:46 pm
Thats  it.  Everyones  saying  Fats, Trindall Seedsy etc  etc  are  all  hanging  up  their  boots  but  unless  I've  missed  something  the  only  1  so  far  has  been  Lester.  I  did  hear  from  source  that  Trindall  wouldn't  mind  another  season  if  he  was  asked  and  Fats  has  been  out  for  most  of  the  season  as  was  Seedsy  so  its  not  like  both  have  had  a  bruising  season.  I  can't  see  why  either  can't  play  another  year.  Same  goes  for  Leroy  too.


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Reply #4 on: 25 Aug 2007, 09:42:43 am
Seedsy announced his retirement after final match of season the other week

RECORD try-scorer David Seeds says he is determined to bow out at
Whitehaven on an all-time high ? with an NL1 Grand Final winner's
The 33-year-old Haven great last week announced he would retire at
the end of the campaign, after 14 years at the Recre.
And after appearing for Haven in two Grand Final defeats, he wants to
leave the Recre having gone one better.
"It's a burning ambition to get a Grand Final winner's medal," said
Seeds, the only Haven player to top the 200-try mark.
"It would be a good way to go out. It wouldn't lead to Super League
but all the players are the same. It's all they want."
Seeds has returned to a starting role in the three-quarter line after
missing much of the campaign due to double hernia surgery and then a
foot injury.
"I still love training with the young lads," added the 33-year-
old. "My heart's still in it but my body is saying enough is enough."
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Reply #5 on: 26 Aug 2007, 07:28:28 pm
Been a cracking and loyal player for you guys.........give him a great send off, he deserves it :)

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Reply #6 on: 27 Aug 2007, 01:05:10 am
Well  fingers  crossed  he  has  3  home  games  left  to  strut  his  stuff. :)