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widnes fans

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on: 31 Aug 2007, 08:59:17 pm

saying how badly behaved we were at the nrc final talk about tinted glasses   ::) ::) ::)

they must be used to there own behavior in widnes as they were far worse than us and down at there place the week after

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Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2007, 09:30:10 pm
how many haven fans filled bottles and beach balls with urine at threw them at windows fans at the nrc final???

not many i'll bet!!

people in plastic scouse land shouldnt throw scones!! ;)

sorry, people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones!! ::)
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Reply #2 on: 31 Aug 2007, 10:03:31 pm
i my self on behalf of the whitehaven supporters wrote a letter to the chairman of the widnes rugby club the day after we went to the widnes and whitehaven match at widnes.  i wrote everything in about the supporters and how the were acting along with the fact that the stewards at widnes did nothing but laugh in our faces.   It must have gone without notice as i have yet to have a reply.   might as well have told lehay

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Reply #3 on: 01 Sep 2007, 12:37:55 am
lol not the old pull the wool over the eyes crack!

widnes wudnt harm n e one would they?
as if!

when at wembley last sat i got off the bus and was greeted with a bunch of pi%&ed up foul mouthed DULL KR fans!

but they would harm n e one would they!