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Thursday's ref is

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on: 11 Sep 2007, 04:13:48 pm
The Co-operative National League One Play-Offs 2007
Elimination Play-off
Whitehaven v Leigh Centurions  7.35pm  SKY
Ref  I Smith  TJ  AT Smith  TJ  P Wharton  RR  B Armstrong  VR  P Bentham  MC  C Hodgson

Jamie Lehey at The Donkey!!!!!


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Reply #1 on: 11 Sep 2007, 04:16:23 pm
beat me to it  :'(

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Reply #2 on: 11 Sep 2007, 05:46:19 pm
can it be any worse for us than its already been throughout the season,at least leahy is up the road at donkey park.wonder if they can afford a big screen this time so we can all see wether it a try or not
our players couldnt get in the town team you,ve gotta be kidding.theres plenty town players i hope dont wear the chocbluegold.

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Reply #3 on: 11 Sep 2007, 06:13:48 pm

we are playing lee, a team from lanarkshire and we get smith from oldham, just up the road in ............ LANARKSHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

surely we shuda had one from hovishire?, except for leahy
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Reply #4 on: 11 Sep 2007, 07:10:54 pm
And the referees match arranger will tell you if you point that out to them that they see nothing wrong in that BUT they won't answer if you ask why Ganson can't referee his own town club in SL!!!!!     It's a strange world we live in!!!!
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Reply #5 on: 11 Sep 2007, 07:48:25 pm
Didn't I Smith do our home game against Castleford ?

If so i think he did pretty well and kept an evan hand.

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Reply #6 on: 12 Sep 2007, 06:16:52 pm
Hope it is a fair game like it usually is  ::)

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Reply #7 on: 13 Sep 2007, 02:02:48 pm
Didn't I Smith do our home game against Castleford ?

If so i think he did pretty well and kept an evan hand.

He did our home game with Leigh earlier in the season, giving everything to them.
It'll be interesting to see if he's the same with the cameras on.