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radio cumbria interviews

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 14 Sep 2007, 12:46:21 pm

Cracking interviews with coxy and the one with Des confirms to me lots of the rumours that have been flying around , as i have said we are a club in turmoil and going backwards, i for one that thought Dr had run his course but now listening to all the bits of news people are coming out with it seems that certain members of our BOD have failed over the last 6 months to give him the support needed to do his job properly

Is the board split, you bet it is listen to Des from the outside looking in it seems some are more concerned about their own power and opinions than doing what is best for the club, lots of rumours last night from loads of differnet fans of new investors with money wanting to invest but wanting a new BOD.

New Direction well if this is lavu and other signings mentioned then the new direction is backwards

Consequencesagain Des says it all "for every action there is a reaction" when star players leave even if they still have a contract with us only then will the full impact of all this on and off feild mess hit home to some fans

Player Power this has been rumoured all season, and des does not deny it, if its happened once it can happen again what will happen if they dont like the new guy

Who could we get coxy sumed it up DR moved up here and has a 75% win ratio anyone looking at the club would think twice and rightly so

Coachs approached again rumours for weeks about this Des was very uneasy about this question, some one even named on this forum the directors that were doing the approaching(then removed it) all this undermined DR as a coach and undermined the integrity of the club, not ideal when wanting to appoint a new coach


regardles of your veiw of DR dont let your joy in seeing him go over shadow the  real serious issues we seem to have as a club at the momment, the real one being a split BOD

history shows when you have different groups pulling in different directions the only effect  it can have is a negative one , we do not want the great work done over the last 5/6 years spoiled by in fighting and personnel battles.

Alan G

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Reply #1 on: 14 Sep 2007, 01:33:06 pm
The fact that Des said the "other directors have assured him that no one has been approached" suggests a lack of trust and openness between them all.  They should be acting as a BOD not individuals.

Anyone care to lsit who the directors are and we can then start working out who the bad apples are.  There is nothing P*** me off more than a board / directors who have  the privileged posion and abuse it.  particularly when they are not putting any money into the club...its not as though they are multi millionaires bank rolling us for god sake.

Any chance of getting Barry Richardson back on board.  Don't know the bloke but he seemed pretty good at maintaing the harmoney and making the correct decisons.   

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Reply #2 on: 14 Sep 2007, 01:42:01 pm
With the benefit of hindsight, I am in agreement with BKM about what was implied during the interview, and whilst this season has yet to close for us, I'm already concerned about what the next season will bring. Suppose it's too much to ask that the Board have an open meeting with the fans so that all the rumours can be put to rest and the air cleared, but IMO, trust between the club and supporters is as important as what happens on the field. We need to clear ALL baggage if we're going to improve.
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Offline brett kinghams mullet

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Reply #3 on: 14 Sep 2007, 03:59:38 pm
new direction seems to be working, wonder if this is the coaches fault also

"The RFL can confirm that Widnes Vikings and Castleford Tigers will be eligible for promotion to engage Super League should either of them win the 2007 Co-operative National League Grand Final.

The Whitehaven club would not be eligible for promotion due to their stadium being below the minimum ground standards for engage Super League.

The above follows an extensive process involving all clubs and the RFL. During this, clubs have been asked to submit an application for promotion which includes a business plan (including details of finances) and outlines their minimum ground standards.

The Halifax and Sheffield Eagles clubs have informed the RFL that they do not wish to be considered for promotion this season.

The Co-operative National League One Grand Final takes place at Headingley Carnegie Stadium on Sunday 7th October 2007.

In the event that the winning club is ineligible for promotion or does not wish to be considered for promotion, they will receive ?100,000 prize money.

This sum will not be awarded if the winning club is promoted."

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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Reply #4 on: 14 Sep 2007, 05:37:39 pm
from the news and star

"It is believed a minority of board members had for some time however
been unconvinced about him for 2008.

And when a vote was taken this week, a majority were against
extending his tenure at the Recre.

It is understood that one board member, who had consistently backed
Rotheram, opted to vote against his contract renewal, which tipped
the balance against him"

would this be the same minority who have been alleged to have tapped up 2 other coachs over the last few weeks


Offline Keith

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Reply #5 on: 15 Sep 2007, 09:49:32 am
If only some of them could back up their egos with hard cash!!!!!!!!
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Reply #6 on: 15 Sep 2007, 04:26:03 pm

would this be the same minority who have been alleged to have tapped up 2 other coach's over the last few weeks

and definitely the same 2 who were observed slagging the coach off very vociferously in the Marchon Club after the Widnes game, and seemed a bit taken aback when a long serving haven supporter told them they were a disgrace to the club.

The problems at the club are not solely down to the coach.
IF there are other 'backers' in the wings then they should come forward in the Whitehaven News. The fans will not stand in the way of progress but  bringing old hands in the form of Keith Nelson  back onto the board as was rumored on Thursday on the terrace is a hell of a step backwards.
I wonder how the 'trouble causers' in the playing staff ( and it is just a minority ) will feel when playing for losing pay rather than winning pay.
The relative success of recent years has gone to the heads of some of our current squad.

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