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Playing their cards close to their chest again!

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I think the bod have known for quite a long while that they would not be renewing Rotherham?s contract, They have not just decided over the last couple of weeks on this. So in view of this they should have a short list of great candidates for the job?
Also with them knowing that we are going to loose more than half of our players surely they have had their fingers in different pies for many a month now. If they have not then WHY not?  Hopefully we were the first in line at chasing top players this season when they know the players we are loosing through retirement etc at the end of the season.  So with a little hope in my heart we will hopefully have some cream in talks with the club, and not they usual crap we scrape from the bottom of the barrel. Choosing from the as beens and also rans and comeback players.
The thing I cannot understand with this bod is why they keep things so secretive & close to their chest. How about letting us, the main backers of the club what the hell is going on. Other clubs are telling us already who they have signed or who they are chasing. You guys never tell us anything; oh sorry you tell us trains and timetable times to get to the seaside! How about a little give and take? I will lay odds on other fans forums will know before us WHO we are chasing & WHO we have signed, and then it will trickle down the rumour boards to us. How about letting us know what?s going on, what players and coach are in the pipelines at the min. Let us know this ASAP so we can build up a little enthusiasm and I can look forward to a far better season to come with a little excitement. Also if we get some first class players and a top coach, advertise this on the radio, in the papers. And for gods sake let the kids 16 and under in for free. These young fans are your future. Hook them to the game early and most of them will follow you for throughout their lifetime. [/size]

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Reply #1 on: 15 Sep 2007, 02:06:35 pm
Id say they,l have one or two coaches at mind or even contacted someone and keeping quiet about it.

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Reply #2 on: 15 Sep 2007, 10:51:55 pm
Over the past few years, we have been described as a great example of a community club.
What's happening with the BOD regarding handling of coaches and our great new ground, we are anything but a community club. The board have made great promises with the stand every year, and still nothing happens. We may have planning permission but is it ever going to happen? The board should be totally honest with the fans. For three or four years, it's been if we get to super league, then we'll get the ground done. The rules are the ground needs to be in place by a certain date and not just the first brick laid then we'll sue if we're not promoted as appears to have been the BODs view.

It's the time to start being more honest with the paying public or we'll just continue on a downward spiral.

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Reply #3 on: 15 Sep 2007, 11:42:31 pm
Its  no  good  having  a  go  at  the  BOD.  Most  of  them  have  done  a  good  job  over the last  5  years.  You  can't  blame  them  for  the  ground.  For  me  its  down  to  our  council  and  the  pow  beck  regeneration thats  slowed  it  all  down.

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Reply #4 on: 15 Sep 2007, 11:50:45 pm
i hope they have someone in mind or have been in talks they maybe want it in writing before out is said and thats understandable, id like them to tell the fans before the papers and press.


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Reply #5 on: 15 Sep 2007, 11:54:43 pm
I totally disagree.  What you have to realise is that these blokes on the board are NOT  I repeat NOt putting any of their own money into the club.  hey have merely manouvered themselves into the positions they hold.  Not one of them is worth any more than the value of their own homes ...like you and i and they would no sooner put money into the club than you or i.  

For my money they are ****ing about at the moment massageing their own egos.  IF they had invested in the club or werefinancing it then let them play .  but they are not and therfore have no right to F@@k about likethey are.

Dave Farrell, Ron Batty, Des Byrne and who ever else is in the BOD room are not collectivellly worth squat financiallly speaking.  The club is is the COMMUNITY CLUB as barry Richardson ran it.  These blokes are running it like some set of egotisical Secrate society when the reality is if the fans stopped paying at the gate and over the bar they would be screwed.

Name them and hold them to account is my view.  

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Reply #6 on: 16 Sep 2007, 12:12:15 am
but naming anyone before its in writing is not the right way to do any business transaction and could ruin the deal before its started.I agree with other stuff said that people wants to know as a community team.


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Reply #7 on: 16 Sep 2007, 01:05:36 am
are bod at the minute is

des byrne
ken shepard
ron batty
george rawlinson
dave farrell
(lawyer fella and the other marra)

ile put as i see it

des bryne - was barry richardsons choice to replace barry so obviousley barry thought des would take us forward

kenny shepard - deserves to be on the bod i remember when shep re mortaged his house to pay the players wages once over

ron batty - supplies free cars to lads, doesnt have to but he does because he loves the club

george rawlinson - to be honest i dont know what george does?

dave farrell - runs the academy side of things and always takes an interest in the website side of things at the club

other 2 dont think ive seen them at the recre yet.

my bod would be

des,shep,ron, barry rich,billy rudd i think those 5 would make a good bod

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Reply #8 on: 16 Sep 2007, 09:40:27 am
George brings in most of the big sponsors all the stuff from sellafield and with out him we would be stuffed
des said in his interview that the club need a new direction and i think that includes off the pitch also .All the things we have done so well over the last 4 or 5 years seem to have stopped

The Club House

2 seasons ago this use to be the place to be on a sunday when we were at home, it used to be packed inside and out even people who didnt attend the game used to be flocking through the gates at 5.00pm as it was great entertainment and open until late, this has stopped and must cost the club alot in lost income.

Family Fun wheres the bouncy castle, ice cream vans, face painting etc etc that used to draw in the wifes and others kids of the male fans, all stopped

The Openess has all gone all we get now is rumour after rumour, in fighting on the board, some directors and players undermining the coach, no trust between fans and BOD

all of these are little things but put them all together and they have had a massive negative impact on the club over the last couple of season

i would call on the BOD to look back at when we got community club of the year,look at all the great things we were doing right then and the great buzz there was around the club as a whole, and assess us now and be honest most of the things we did good are what we are doing bad now

as for a new BOD my choice would be

barry rich
Billy rudd
dave farrell
mr clarkin
and this grace fella who i am told is a well respected man in the buisness community
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