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Fact or Fiction does it matter the undeniable conclusion is things are a mess!

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fact mereges into fiction and opinions become reality but these are all symptoms of a poorly run organisation.

- we know the BOD is split Des acknowledged it in an interview
- we have announced the departure of our coach in the middle of the playoffs
-  we have no coach for next year
- we have lost at least six expereienced palyers to retirement / other clubs and made no signings
- The only suggestion of signing are so far fro a team who finished fifth and third in the league below us
- are crowds are dropping
- we play in the playoffs on Sunday and to be honest no body is really giving a chuff, were not exited , we dont have any expectatiosn even the local rag isn't talking about it
- the BOD (bless their sensative little souls) are showing fantastic leadership and we should all show our unwavering support and gratitude fro the fantastic job they are doing.  14 free tickets is not enough let them have a 100 and make the club pay their mortgages...assuming we dont already.

First of all why don't the BOD expalin this "new direction" they want to go in.  i assume its not downwards.  If they have a plan share it with us.  the coach ahd a 75% win ratio if the bloke they pick dosent beat this I assume the BOD will resign on mass for makeing crap decisons?  AND THATS NOT LIBEL its a genuine question!!!   

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The reason why we are "in a mess" is because we overacheived for a couple of seasons and some people want us to kick on when we really can't, hense a split in the board. We got into the position we were in because we were well run, and now egos have taken over

Parts of that post was absolute rubbish, not excited for Sunday?? I am and many others are as well

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anzac you talk complete rubbish get behind the team you idiot not many teams have singed people so on that count don't worry and as for the board being split it will soon be back to normal for the clubs sake cummon less talk more rugby

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Anzac, rubbish like that does more harm than good. You might remember in  these times of the internet, many people read that rubbish and form opinions. Voicing an opinion is fine, but if its detrimental to the club and  there are no gains to be made by it , you only cause consternation among fellow supporters.