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Bulls.....totally thick or what !!!!

Offline whitehavenRLforever

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on: 21 Sep 2007, 09:50:57 pm
Just  watched  tonights  game  and  I  simply  cannot  beleive  what  I've  just  seen.

Bulls  winning  30-6  then  it  went  to  30-24  and  they  had  chance  to  drop  a  goal  and  didn't  take  it.

Wigan  then  took  the  lead  31-30  and  twice  Bradford  had  chance  of  a  field  goal  to  tie  the  game  up  but  they  went  for  the  try.

Even  DR  would  have  sent  the  message  out :)

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Reply #1 on: 21 Sep 2007, 09:52:52 pm
Even  DR  would  have  sent  the  message  out :)

That is debatable  :o
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Reply #2 on: 21 Sep 2007, 09:57:45 pm
thats the best game of r.l. i have seen for a long time,,a massive well done to wigan and rubber lips noble

Offline Rob_Haven

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Reply #3 on: 21 Sep 2007, 10:24:04 pm
well im gonna say this even though we won!

solomon the salmons first try was passed 1 foot forward!

and ganson give then 7 tackles late in the 2nd half!

apart from that even you gordon need to give wigan the due they deserve!

absoloutly fantastic never say die effort!
im sure silver shaddow will back me up on this one!

super wigan well done!

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Reply #4 on: 22 Sep 2007, 10:12:48 am
Fantastic game, just finished watching it as I was at the Kells Vice Presidents Dinner last night.
Knew the result though, otherwise I would have been jumping all over the place.
This is why we all love this game, AWESOME. :-*
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Reply #5 on: 22 Sep 2007, 10:28:58 am
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D