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on: 24 Sep 2007, 09:49:37 PM
Personally I am far from convinced at the need to sign Finch.  Carl Rudd this year has been pretty good a t Stand Off he has scored 17 trys ...only Moran at stand off has scored more and is the second top goal kicker in the league.

Whitehaven have not had a try scoring stand off  30 odd years and now we have got one in his first full season of in the position we are going to move him.  Thats what you get I suppose when the Bod pick the team.

Incidentally Finch scored fewer trys in NL2 than Rudd has scored in NL1 and he ainst as creative as Rudd several barrow plus the coach have described him as a support player.

For me Rudd has earned the right to stay at stand off 315 points in your first season at stand off in NL1 is bloody good going.  The year before last we played him at lose forward and in the centres and he was no where near as effective.