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FAO Des Byrne

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on: 24 Sep 2007, 10:55:35 pm
Our season has now finished.

Now is the time to start confirming information to the fans, there is no longer the requirement to be so secretive.

So far on the news page of this site it has been confirmed that Dave Rotherham has not had his contract renewed and David Seeds has retired.

Now there is strong rumours? that Steve Trindall and Aaron Smith are being released.

Also Steve Maden is joining Leigh.

And Liam Finch has signed from Barrow.

Surely, the above can now be OFFICIALLY confirmed to the fans, along with the signings of any other players whose clubs are no longer involved in the playoffs - particularly is any players are joining the club from the Southern Hemisphere.

Also, you have mentioned on several occasions that you will not comment on speculation. However the rumours surrounding John Duffy need to be stopped once and for all, it is doing no good for the club. Does John Duffy have a contract with Haven for the 2008 season? If YES, is John Duffy going to honour his contract for 2008 and remain with Haven?

I have read on other threads and it has been mentioned on BBC Radio Cumbria of fans requesting a forum. Surely due to the ownership of the club and the basis on which Directors are appointed to run the club, the fans should not have to ask for a forum, it should be within the constitution of the club that a forum is held, say every 3 months, where the fans can direct questions to the board of directors.

Obviously at any forum there are certain matters of a confidential nature that cannot be discussed in open forum but if a draft set of rules and regulations are drafted then it should be turned into a positive for the club. There does need to be more openess regarding both the current running of the club, its finances and also how the future of the club is to be developed, along with the ground improvements.

I look forward to receiving your response.

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Reply #1 on: 26 Sep 2007, 07:24:41 am
Sometimes I think us fans can be really unfair, they can't comment on new signings until everything is officially signed and sealed. Duffy is contracted for next season isn't he? I know these days that means nowt but I'm sure if the club knew that he was laving OFFICIALLY then they would tell us so.

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Reply #2 on: 26 Sep 2007, 08:43:28 am
Its  like  this at  the  end  of  every  season.  Its  almost  an  annual  time  to  panic  as  we  see  players  leaving  the  club.

Once  a  coach  is  appointed  and  fingers  crossed  a  few  signing's  in  area's  where  we  need  them  then  we  can  all  calm  down. ;)