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Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 03 Oct 2007, 11:00:17 pm

To be honst i think those 4 names are the shortlist, it is clear what has happened, after a week of Des saying all apllications go to him, there will be  no leak of names etc etc, what better way to undermine your chairman than to leak it to the press, some one or group  on the BOD are playing power games with our club and the only thing that will happen in the end is it will harm the club.Des puts his heart and soul in to the club and does not deserve this. Not only have they made our chairman look as though he has no control, but this could make one of the prospective candiates think again about coming to haven, as fans were all guilty of baying for news on this and that, i mean once the names came out i started the poll. But in hindsight in our thirst for news of the new coach and players we could be doing harm to the club
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Reply #1 on: 04 Oct 2007, 05:19:29 am
Hear, Hear

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Reply #2 on: 04 Oct 2007, 09:44:59 am
         don't forget marra this is a public forum. I imagine a prospective new coach will have the internet forum way down the list of priorities when it comes to making a decision.
       As for Des Byrne, let him fight his own battles in his own way. He's a big lad now.