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season on the cheap

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 15 Oct 2007, 11:22:13 pm
lots of talk about style of play and only mention of league position is " hopefully  top half of the table" should that read avoid relegation

lots of talk about playing the kids and not much about signings

the signs are not looking good i hope im wrong

all other clubs are signing quality players

we have lost some big player in ablilty and wages and where is that money going???????? not on replacements by the look of it

come on BOD after the coach short list fiasco and now the hewer fisaco we need some good news and not "that we will play an expansive game"


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Reply #1 on: 16 Oct 2007, 08:28:29 am
This sounds crap in my opinion.  If we proceed as the BOD suggest we will end up with crowds of 1000 losing matches regullary.

Why are the BOD being so defeatest and unambitious.  If they have run out of ambition and ideas move over and let someone else try.

Offline Maca

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Reply #2 on: 16 Oct 2007, 08:44:57 am
If we all get down and get season tickets when out and get our gate up meby better players would get sorted. Lets hope our gate can be up and season ticket sales money=players its simple as that.

Offline Chorley Blue and Gold

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Reply #3 on: 16 Oct 2007, 03:16:57 pm
[quote Why are the BOD being so defeatest and unambitious. [/quote]

I think the words pots and kettles spring to mind ANZAC me old little DOOM monkey!  :o