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Cas and WIdnes streets ahead

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on: 10 Nov 2006, 10:16:15 pm
First of all this is not a post to say to the Bod get your fingers out.  we spend what we can afford end of story.

However i think based on the squads assembled by Cas ans Widness this league could be the most preictable two hosre race in years.  They are both full time and both have 3-4 players   who are way above the normal quality in this league.  Add the others in both squads who are all top quality NL1 players, and I just can't see anyone else challenging them.

Yes they are biiger clubs than other tradditional NL1 teams but the plus side a couple of good gates should be guarnteed.

Still think us leigh Donny Fax and Rochdale will have some tussles for third fourth and fifth.


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Reply #1 on: 11 Nov 2006, 12:25:39 am
another positive boxer post  ::)

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Reply #2 on: 11 Nov 2006, 12:36:00 pm
another positive boxer post  ::)

I think Boxer is right and he is merely highlighting how the gap between not only SL and NL1 is growing wider but it is now getting bigger within NL1, plus an even bigger gap from NL1 to NL2.

Sorry, to say it but West Cumbria is fast becoming a backwater of RL because we cannot compete with these clubs from large connurbations where there are businesses, industry, and bigger gates.  The sad thing is that by the end of the 2008 season when the franchise system comes in we will see a Welsh team and possibly another French team come straight into SL and the door will be shut on us forever and a day.    Unless of course ......................................
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