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It seems to me there is a fairly wide spectum of opinion as to (a) where we will finish and (b) what fans will find acceptable as our final  finish place and (c) Crareys value as a coach.

What I suggest is three ratings  from 1 - 9 .  1 being  top  bottom 9.    Everyone gives three ratings ...

(a) is prdicited league NL1 finishing poistion

(b) what we as fans will "accept" as a decent season   ( again 1 -9 league Position )

(c) 1 -9 how we rate Crarey as a coach.  (  reserve the right to hold this agsiant you in Oct. 08 . along tern term view is required) 

Three scores (a) ..  (b) ... (c)   1 - 9 give a reason if you want>  1 is top 9 is bottom.

Mine are

(a) 5th predicted league pos (fifth  ..  lower player budget / different expecatations and a coach who is still learning)

(b)  any lower than 4th in the league  ... an their will be disent   / below sixtth and their will be a clear out ..  "Top down  ..including BOD"

(c)   4..... he seems like a players coach but his "philosphy seems very niave.  He seems ready to read frrom the BODS script.   If I was him i would secure the best overseas signing the BOD would allow as this will make or break his coachinging career.     

MY SCORE 4, 5,  4       
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Why 1-9?

There's 10 teams in NL1!  :D :D

 Anyway Boxer I'll go along with your system seeing as you invented it!

a) 3 - I think some people are over estimating Celtics, Widnes', Fax's and Leighs ability. There's no reason we can't finish top 3

b) 4- I agree with you Boxer  :o

c) 3 - If he delivers entertaining Rugby he automatically should get a 4. If we win anything at all this should be a 1.

My Score 3,4,3

(Boxers actual Score 5,4,4  :D)
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You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.

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(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) cant really say as we havent seen any games to judge him yet but from what he has said and the players he has signed ill say 4 if we end up in the top 4 a 2 top 3 a 1

haven till i die

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I think its far to early to even guess as this year will be allot different than last.

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Suggest a new score system

Boxers a clown    1 .......9

Boxer doesn't know what he's on about  1 ........ 9

Boxers undermining the team   1 .......... 9

 My scores

1  , 1,   1

Anyone disagree ?

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i certainly do not disagree