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Friday night thriller

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on: 15 Jan 2008, 09:17:36 pm
Friday night thriller

Just a thought does anybody feel that we should play some of our home games on a Friday night, especially over the summer months. It seems to work alot for Celtic Crusaders who play their games on a Saturday. Especially on the bank holiday weekends it could be a plus on helping us improve attendances, even if we trialled it for a couple of games


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Reply #1 on: 15 Jan 2008, 10:23:47 pm
Thats a brilliant idea


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Reply #2 on: 15 Jan 2008, 11:37:31 pm
sounds ideal marra

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Reply #3 on: 16 Jan 2008, 07:46:21 am
Depends what time the game starts - don't forget a lot of families attend and if it finishes too late, the club could lose some supporters.

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Reply #4 on: 16 Jan 2008, 08:02:02 am
I  would  prefer  evening  games  and  Friday  nights  sound  good.  Only  slight  downside  is  you  might  lose  out  on  away  fans  not  turning  up  if  they  work  that  day.  Maybe  wouldn't  be  a  problem  against  smaller  sides  but  against  the  likes  of  Widnes,  Salford ( now THU )  and  Leigh  the  club  could  lose  quite  a  bit  of  cash  as  these  clubs  tend  to have  a  good  following.

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Reply #5 on: 16 Jan 2008, 05:51:19 pm
alot of people would stay away on fridays to watch super league ;

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Reply #6 on: 16 Jan 2008, 07:27:05 pm
its a great idea then clubs would suffer like us, ie salford ,celtic and sheffield or we could just play return matches against them three on a friday,they would soon complain travelling up here on a friday even if they are full time or not!
our players couldnt get in the town team you,ve gotta be kidding.theres plenty town players i hope dont wear the chocbluegold.

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Reply #7 on: 16 Jan 2008, 07:30:03 pm
i think everyone should be made to play at 3 on sunday unless tv choses otherwise.

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Reply #8 on: 17 Jan 2008, 10:40:53 am
I would say that IMO 3,00 pm kick offs on Sundays in July and August - maybe even June also- are not the best times to play games , if the aim is to maximise attendances . Ther are just too many other things to do at this time , thus while the Man in the family may want to go to the game on Sunday , the rest of the family may welll want to do something differant , and we know who usually prevails .

If you look at the fixtures for the 2008 season not only Super League but also the National Leagues seem to be scheduling an increasing number of Friday night games , so there must be something in it!

Friday evevning games  is certainly something we as a club should look at  , and the odd Friday game we have played, attendances seem to have held up - eg Donny last year . Another alternative may be to play on Saturday with a 6.30 kick off - which would enable visiting fans to attend rather more esaily than on a Friday evening .

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Reply #9 on: 17 Jan 2008, 01:23:37 pm
The main problem with Friday night games is that our opponents all have at least 2 & 1/2 hrs travelling time which means taking time off work ( for the semi pro's) the same would also apply for their supporters. I think any proposal to play on Fridays would be met with objection by other clubs. I agree with the previous writer that a lot of rugby fans regard Friday night as Superleague night. I can imagine a situation when perhaps we are due to play a bottom of the table club and Superleague are showing say Wigan versus Saints. Our attendances would definitely be affected.

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Reply #10 on: 17 Jan 2008, 03:13:30 pm
This seems to be a good idea why not try it and see what happens? i dont think it would mean a loss of a lot of traveling support.
It isn't that long ago that all rugby league was played on a saturday!! Damn i just given my age away?

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Reply #11 on: 18 Jan 2008, 09:22:06 pm
i reckon friday night matches would be a good thing, you could watch the game then have a few pints, either in the bar or off into town!
7.30 would give a finish time of around 9.10 plenty of time to nip to town if desired!

how about 6.30 on saturday during june july august?

nice summers evening at the recre, now with pints on terrace allowed too!!!
the reverand, big mac

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Reply #12 on: 19 Jan 2008, 07:49:50 pm
No it's not that long ago Will only 25 years or so. Doesn't age play tricks with your memory. I remember me and my mate Basil Wilson up at Enerdale collecting birds eggs one Saturday in the very distant past. Basile decided he had got enough eggs and he wanted to go into Whitehaven to watch his team playing Batley or Bramley. The pitch was a mud heap and I think it was abandonned with the score at either 2-2 or 4-4 Anyone remember that game. Oh roll on winter rugby on Saturday afternoons.