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on: 21 Dec 2006, 07:00:30 PM
who do you guys think for me it has to be the bull trindall  ;D

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Reply #1 on: 21 Dec 2006, 07:07:56 PM
I'll go for John Duffy, he was getting better and better as the season progressed. Although the most consistent new signing has to be to Trindall.

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Reply #2 on: 21 Dec 2006, 07:10:26 PM
Best signing Duffy because everyone needs at least 1 decent half back but i'd say Aaron Smith makes a bigger difference than any of the others.

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Reply #3 on: 21 Dec 2006, 07:18:25 PM
i've gone for rob jackson, speed,class,talent

and remember that try against oldham when he was on loan a couple of years ago!?!?
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Reply #4 on: 21 Dec 2006, 07:27:54 PM
certainley do and his try against pia was a 60 metre effort rob was is a good player imo better than mick nanyn maybe score as many tries but is quicker and can tackle

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Reply #5 on: 21 Dec 2006, 08:57:08 PM
me go for stevey maden

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Reply #6 on: 22 Dec 2006, 02:13:18 AM
 McAvoy he was such a talking point though out the season and so young. what a prospect!!!!
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Reply #7 on: 22 Dec 2006, 04:54:34 PM
I'll have to go with steve the bull although most of our signings were pretty good do u not think?
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Reply #8 on: 23 Dec 2006, 04:19:08 PM
McAvoy he was such a talking point though out the season and so young. what a prospect!!!!

very true and lets hope young shaw is the same  ;D i think he,l do well.