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full time refs

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on: 05 Feb 2007, 05:03:16 pm
ashley klein must be congratulated

he has improved from part time pillock to FULL TIME pillock!!!

i honestly didnt think he could get any more up st helens bums but he managed last night

wilkins turn to be the saints thug this season?

when did the rulse change?
the ref tells him "i saw the incident its on report and 10mins in the bin"

if the ref sees it, he is supposed to deal with it and if required send the player off, NOT put it on report!

and how the hell can steve ganson be allowed to be video ref for a game involving his home town club??

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Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 2007, 05:09:19 pm

If it wasn't for the fact that Klown sorry Klein was an Aussie he would be still referring in the conference

Last night was another cop out by the ref. Wilkins should have had a Red card for that challenge. SL is turning into the WWE its almost as believeable as them lot



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Reply #2 on: 05 Feb 2007, 06:42:58 pm
ive seen worse late hits that jon wilkins that have gone unpunished the terry newton hit on sean long and later in the game darren albert where he broke bones in the 2 lads faces he got an 8 game ban after it but on the night nothing was done about on report that was it and the ref saw it

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Reply #3 on: 05 Feb 2007, 08:33:52 pm
overall thats got to be one of the worst reffed s/league games ive ever seen

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Reply #4 on: 05 Feb 2007, 08:48:16 pm
In defence of the ref he would have struggled to see Wilin's elbow being lifted - that should be down to the TJs

As for the obstructions etc - all the SL coaches will have been made aware of the interpretation & will have agreed to it

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Reply #5 on: 05 Feb 2007, 08:58:34 pm
klien- worst ref in SL

he kept stopping the game for things that didn't matter

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Reply #6 on: 12 Feb 2007, 08:41:12 pm
What about the new ref kit at Hull kr  PINK as if they dont get enough stick already. ::)