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scott mcavoy

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on: 11 Feb 2007, 08:57:01 pm
for me scott is better at centre

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Reply #1 on: 11 Feb 2007, 08:58:38 pm
just been redaing a post about nayan coming back from donks ago

and someone said we will be looking at mcavoy for centre

centre for me
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Reply #2 on: 11 Feb 2007, 09:06:27 pm
who's  nayan???

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Reply #3 on: 11 Feb 2007, 09:09:16 pm
You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.


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Reply #4 on: 11 Feb 2007, 09:21:06 pm
when we play widnes id put big scott against mick would be interesting to see if micks defence has improved against a big lad like macca

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Reply #5 on: 11 Feb 2007, 09:49:59 pm
Scott was class today. he suited that position best. i think thats the best i've ever seen him play

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Reply #6 on: 11 Feb 2007, 09:57:13 pm
sorry to disagree i think derie is a centre and mcavoy isa second row he doesnt pass nough to be a centre but then again if he can score himeslf well that speaks for itself


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Reply #7 on: 11 Feb 2007, 10:00:35 pm
imo macca is far better than derrie in the centre

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Reply #8 on: 11 Feb 2007, 10:41:17 pm
Does it really matter where Scott Plays, Center/Second row as long as its in Choc Blue and Gold

Just hope the BOD get him on an extended long term contract

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Reply #9 on: 12 Feb 2007, 12:34:36 am
yer true we wanna keep him on our books ;)

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Reply #10 on: 12 Feb 2007, 11:02:34 pm
he gets more space in the centers and creates more breaks...still a good 2nd row but his best games by far for haven have been at center.


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Reply #11 on: 12 Feb 2007, 11:30:33 pm
think we have a very good chance this yr of sl but i macca wants in the centres what will happen to seedsy


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Reply #12 on: 13 Feb 2007, 12:08:01 am
well with seeds out for 2-3 months with his hernia surely macca will be playing there
but i read in the news and star dave r said macca wont be playing in the centres often this year

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Reply #13 on: 13 Feb 2007, 07:16:40 am
Main reason that DR will want to play Scott at Second Row is evidence of our shortage of any other class second row other than Spencer and Scott thats  IMHO

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Reply #14 on: 14 Feb 2007, 06:53:56 pm
well for me when seeds is back in the side scott should play second row but now that seeds is out i would play scott at centre with richard flethcher in second row with spencer however i also think ricky wright is improving anyone else think this?
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