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Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:16:43 pm
well where do we start

the worst performance from a haven team in many a year

we missed duffy and sicey (who was 18th man)..lester had a stinker so
we lacked any leadership...rudds passing was awfull and too many times
he took the wrong option

positives fletcher went very well in the 2nd row making lots of
yards..and matty looked good again at hooker but lacked the support
needed...do not take anything away from barrow there defence was
outstanding and they deserved to win the game

like halifax 2 years ago and york last year..one of those bad games to
forget about
disappointed not to see young ford getting a run out

all comments welcome

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Reply #1 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:21:30 pm
 Just awful
You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.

Offline hensingham boy

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Reply #2 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:23:04 pm
think in games like this he should be putting the likes ford and bamber in cos there gonna give 110% cos they've gotta make an impression.as for rudd he was shocking.at blackpool last week you could hear duffy shouting at him telling him where to stand and where to run so without duffy carl is useless.give bamber a try he couldn't do any worse.  

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Reply #3 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:37:10 pm
I think Rudds main problem was the guy he was trying to work with at half back.  Leroy Joe was terrible.  He has been Havens biggest problem for a couple of years (if not more) has been a great servant at halfback over the years but slowed down a lot in recent years, we need to find someone else.  People keep saying this Bainbridge is a great young player, but he never seems to get a chance.   

Really worrying that we didn't look like doing anything against barrow.  The only reason we got back into the games was because they kept making stupid mistakes in their own half. 

Offline HavenWarrior

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Reply #4 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:47:13 pm
Apart from the usual 100% effort from Gary Broadbent the rest of the team were average, average is maybe been too kind.

We couldnt pass, we couldnt run onto the ball and we couldnt tackle.

Our kicking game was crap, we cant make distance too touch and we kicked nearly every ball to either their full back or wingers.

Barrow wanted to win, we thought it was another turn up and win day, just like Blackpool last week.

God forbid what will happen when we run into Widnes or Cas, it doesnt bear thinking about.

We missed Sicey today, i dint know if he was injured or not, but if it was a selection decision made by DR, it was a massive error!

With only the Blackpool game next week, before we entertain Donny in the cup, DR has a lot of work to do.


Offline hensingham boy

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Reply #5 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:49:53 pm
i'll agree with you that leroy was bad today but there wasn't many that weren't.think they are both to slow to play there.you need fast feet,fast hands or both and these two have neither.

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Reply #6 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:51:23 pm
i think on that evidence it shows that we miss duffy & sice & brett kinghams mullet if lester had a stinker i don't know what everyone else had
Gary Broadbent Haven Legend

Offline Maca

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Reply #7 on: 25 Feb 2007, 05:51:56 pm
Havens heads were dropd and at the end of the day barrow looked the better team and there defence was great.
Just hope this is a one off bad game for haven.

Offline MrsHavenWarrior

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Reply #8 on: 25 Feb 2007, 06:01:32 pm
In short, we were dire!

Worst performance by a Haven side in a long, long time.  We lacked runners, almost every run on was flat. Our passing was dreadfully slow and some shocking passing today.  For me it was a three way tie for man of the match between Gary Broadbent who seems to be in the form of his life and gave again, 100%, Richard Fletcher, who took some fabulous ball in and made brilliant yards, and Leroy Joe - with ever solid Gary Broadbent taking the spoils.

Our kicking game is the same old, same old, and John Duffy was a big miss today.  Lots of kicks way down field and straight down the Barrow players throats, whereas a little chip over the top could have been order of the day in a few examples today.

That aside, the standard of refereeing so far this year is also as dire as the Haven performance today, lots of dodgy decisions to both sides and very inconsistent.

We have to prove ourselves next week against Blackpool at home and then improve 10-fold before we face the Lakers in the Challenge Cup.  These NRC cup games should be a walk in the park against what should be, lesser opposition.  But so far we have shown (aside from the game against Workington) that we are of no better calibre, when we all know, on paper we are.  All credit to Barrow though, they played a solid game and were VERY unlucky to not take the win.  However, thankfully for us, they just didn't quite have the impetous to finish us off.

No Sice today?  Believe he was 18th man.  We missed Carl's ability to slip through a gap and open up the play.  One might feel that DR is playing too much with the side.

Thats my view anyway, no doubt there will be disagreements, but thats how I saw things today.

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Offline whitehavenRLforever

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Reply #9 on: 25 Feb 2007, 06:08:36 pm
Very  little  to  get  excited  about  today  except  for  the  performance  of  Fletcher.

According  to  the  radio  Sice  was  dropped  because  DR  wanted  to  rotate  all  his  N.9's  but  from  another  source  he  was  dropped  due  to  last  weeks  showing  which  is  a  shame  because  last  week  he  played  out  of  position.  Dropping  Sicey  is  a  massive  clanger  and  if  he  and  Duffy  had  both  played  would  have  made  all  the  difference.

In  the  end  we  lacked  idea's  and  I  think  we  need  to  find  a  stand  off.
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Offline kellshaven1

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Reply #10 on: 25 Feb 2007, 07:01:12 pm
i agree marra a new stand off needed showed today how much we miss duffy i hope he stays injury free or we can look out, we really struggled and when we got near barrows line we done the same thing every time 5 tackles then a kick to one of the corners no ideas. I felt sorry for scott macca today prob only touched the ball twice or three times first time he did he scored didn't utilize him today at all. Thought fletch did well first time i have seen him play missed the blackpool game last week and as ever mr 100% was outstanding what we would give for a team of broadbents ha ha!!
McDermott was outstanding still cant understand why we let him go!!

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Reply #11 on: 25 Feb 2007, 07:32:21 pm
Well i thought Leroy Joe could have been standing with me in the stand for all he did, People are going a bit rough on Carl as it isn't his normal postion and kicked the sticks well today which secured us a draw, he had too much pressure on him as he probably felt he was playing 6 & 7 because of Leroys performance.
I dont think Fletcher was that good today to be honest, i thought Broadbent had the strongest game.
The haven team need to be better than this unless they will be fighting relegation

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Reply #12 on: 25 Feb 2007, 07:57:11 pm
We missed Sicey and Duffy, Calvert thought that he was a center, well hes not much good on the wing at the moment!!  ;)

Broadbent was Brilliant and Fletcher was good other than that we need to do something and get our team sorted out and not keep playing players out of position, thought we would have learned that from last season!!!!!
>:( >:(

Offline fluffy

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Reply #13 on: 25 Feb 2007, 08:20:54 pm
However much i love haven i must admit that todays perfomance was terrible  :'( :o they way that we played it looked like we were in leauge 2 and barrow in 1 !!! deffinatlly missed duffy, and get rudd bk in his propper positon then we will be up to our normally awsomme standard :):) :)

RuDd aNd DuFfY'S BaRmY aRmY
We've got this place rocking now girls !!! ;)


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Reply #14 on: 25 Feb 2007, 09:50:53 pm
if sice wasnt playing was it the rotation system and yet again sicey gets shafted  ::)
when will dr realise he is are best attacking option
sice should be 9
aaron smith 13
matty off the bench its simple