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Bus to Barrow

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on: 12 Mar 2007, 05:26:18 pm
Bus will leave the ground at 5pm. If there is time we will be stopping at Askham rugby club on the way down but will defenitley stop on the way back for a jar or 2.

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Reply #1 on: 12 Mar 2007, 10:46:31 pm
many making the trip friday?
reading in the league express barrow are expecting 1500.hopefully we can take a couple of hundred hopefully in good voice

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Reply #2 on: 13 Mar 2007, 01:26:16 pm
I'm going it will be a cracking game
not fully expecting a win but hopefull barrow have some good players and are full
of confidence and they will be hard to beat down there

Offline Ryan

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Reply #3 on: 13 Mar 2007, 01:27:11 pm
Im going aswell should be good. Im sure we will win i think weve finally started to pick our game up.

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Reply #4 on: 13 Mar 2007, 09:20:15 pm
champ ,,,is there any seats left on bus for friday ??? ???


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Reply #5 on: 14 Mar 2007, 04:52:08 pm
Baggsy not sitting besides Bewley  ;D


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Reply #6 on: 14 Mar 2007, 09:09:26 pm
Champ, just been thinking if we are stopping for a jar or two will it be alright to fetch our Jack?????


Offline Mrs Chocbluegold

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Reply #7 on: 15 Mar 2007, 02:58:40 pm
Just asked Jibbajabba and she thinks it will be fine for Jack. She said there is all ways kids in there.
See you tomorrow

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Reply #8 on: 15 Mar 2007, 07:01:08 pm
just as well really!!, where would you leave boney?
the reverand, big mac

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Reply #9 on: 15 Mar 2007, 07:05:36 pm
going in car to match see you all there for a vociferous nite of success
our players couldnt get in the town team you,ve gotta be kidding.theres plenty town players i hope dont wear the chocbluegold.

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Reply #10 on: 15 Mar 2007, 07:41:39 pm
Thanks Mrs Chocbluegold, i know its not to bad taking kids into bars after matches in the afternoons but i thought it might of been a problem at night.  I take it that Jibbajabba is Hannah?
See you all friday.