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Kid's Tag rugby.


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on: 25 Mar 2007, 08:22:48 pm
Just a note with regards to the kids rugby today. At the end of the first half today the ref allowed play on after hooter which  resulted in Gary B. clearing up a kick and kicking to touch to end the half. That was just as well because if he'd decided to run the ball he'd have looked up the field to see two of the teams already on the pitch. One of which were easily two thirds of the way across the field to the Popular side. Obviously the kids had heard the hooter and thought it was OK to run on the pitch but, through no fault of their own, could have been involved in a nasty incedent.

If any one involved with the club reads this it might be an idea to sit down and think of ways to make it impossible for this to happen again. Maybe keep the kids seated until players have left the field. Just thought it may be advisable to pre-empt such a happening as the kids can't be blamed for their excitement.

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Reply #1 on: 25 Mar 2007, 10:15:50 pm
excellent point!