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just back from Barraaaaa

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on: 17 Mar 2007, 01:03:01 am

I'm still waiting for champ to get his round in but hey **** happens

Tonights game was ok, but Barroo never really looked liked scoring again after there first try. However their defence was better than Doncaster i revkon that they will probably win the NL2 this year The biggest suprise was the 1600+ crowd

match rating 3/5
Drink rating 3/5
Pie rating 4.5/5
Champs anti town rantings 5/5


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Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 2007, 02:08:02 pm
a few nasty comments from barrow fans on way out last nite think they spat the dummy as if they were really going to win!! ;D
our players couldnt get in the town team you,ve gotta be kidding.theres plenty town players i hope dont wear the chocbluegold.

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Reply #2 on: 17 Mar 2007, 02:10:47 pm
Not in a million years
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Reply #3 on: 17 Mar 2007, 02:21:35 pm
I had no troubles with barrooo fans they weren't bad losers like a certain other teams fans


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Reply #4 on: 17 Mar 2007, 03:06:44 pm
barrow lot we were standing with were a grand bunch,,apart from the "get em on side cries " ,,every 2 mins,,,heard they are expeting a couple of o/seas forwards.
if they're any good ,barrow will prove very hard to beat,,there backs are very fast,and an addition of 2 good forwards would make a big difference to there team..( we should have signed young finch when mcormack had the chance?)

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Reply #5 on: 18 Mar 2007, 09:49:59 am
i agree pal finch is gonna be a big player for barrow be suprised if he is there long though!

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Reply #6 on: 18 Mar 2007, 11:38:43 am
when we were coming out to go to car park some barrow fans were shouting just teenagers though

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Reply #7 on: 18 Mar 2007, 02:42:57 pm
Are people not a little concerned with 'Havens our form to date? We've not played anyone of the calibre the top 6 clubs in NL1 (Donny will struggle to avoid relegation if their form continues in it's current vein - full-time or not) and apart from the Town match we've struggled to really impose ourselves on a game and dominate the opposition? If we really consider urselves contenders for the title we should be beating the NL2 sides out of sight.

I know it's early and the NR Cup doesn't really count for much but I expected more.

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Reply #8 on: 18 Mar 2007, 03:18:34 pm
It's been disappointing form so far but I'm not too worried about it.  We weren't great at the start of last season either and we still finished well.