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Today's Game

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on: 01 Oct 2006, 07:21:58 pm
Well after witnessing what was one of the best games of rugby in my life, I can't say I'm too disappointed. The lads gave 110% throughout the match, they gave their all. Yes we made mistakes although so did Widnes. Knock-on's were plentyful throughout the game, this probably wasn't helped with the rain lashing down for a large period.

Calvert really does seem to lack confidence and I think this was probably one of the most worrying things to come out of the game. However the theory of us tiring in the latter stages of the game didn't really seem true. Our part-timers dominated the full-timers in the last 10 minutes, we were really on top of them. However it wasn't to be, great effort by the lads though.

One particular mention to Broadbent though. This guy is a hero, the amount of work he did was immense, he was everywhere. In my view he should be made captain for next season, the guy was outstanding and I'm sure other people who went to the game will say the same.

So that's the end of another fantastic season...next thing to look forward to is the Workington match and just under 3 months time!

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Reply #1 on: 01 Oct 2006, 08:55:48 pm
The  team  was  fantastic  today.  Over  the  80  minutes  I  thought  we  were  the  better  side  just.

1st  half  we  struggled  despite  getting  off  to  the  perfect  start.  They  seemed  to  make  good  yards  everytime  they  got  the  ball  and  Calverts  missed  tackle  on  their  winger  led  to  the  try  of  the  game.

2nd  half  was  a  different  story.  The  lads  were  really  fired  up  and  when  Seedsy  and  Spencer  went  over  we  were  suddenly  back  in  it.  Rudd's  been  kicking  great  all  season  but  maybe  the  pressure  got  to  him.  On  his  day  he  would  have  back  heeled  them  over  but  there  you  go.

Even  with  a  couple  of  minutes  to  go  you  half  expected  a  Haven  break  and  the  winning  try  but  it  never  came  as  we  pounded  a  tiring  Widnes  pack. 

Their  try  in  the  2nd  half  never  was  but  it  continues  to  be  the  Halton  Stadium  Hoodoo.  The  day  we  win  there  will  be  the  day  we  finally  get  to  the  promised  land.......................see  you  all  next  season. ;)

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Reply #2 on: 01 Oct 2006, 10:52:44 pm
 Next seasin IS our season.  ;D ;D
You are really a superfan amongst super fans in fact your the no.1 fan in Cumbria. Congratulations.

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Reply #3 on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:31:50 pm
thought the lads put in a real good allround team performance yesterday. we defo finished the stronger side, so near yet so far, for me though overall i think weve had agood year,the york/rochdale games were bad losses,if we had won those games!!! well who knows,considering the players we lost last year,and injuries sustained early season,the team and staff need a pat on the back.think we need 2/3 new signings for next year,if this happens im sure the grand final will be ours for the taking.

     only the ground to sort now??? :-X :-X


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Reply #4 on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:53:13 pm
ur right marra the time has come for the stand to get built

does anyone now when they start will it be now in the offseason if it were me i start right now it would be complete for the new season

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Reply #5 on: 02 Oct 2006, 03:47:20 pm
Yesterdays game was top class if we played like that every game we would be winning the league with out a doubt. Eveybody put in a classy performance. Calvert was really poor but he played his same game so we cant complain really even though i have been lol.

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Reply #6 on: 02 Oct 2006, 04:29:33 pm
one of the best games iv ever been to, it would have been even better if we had won though and the widnes fan were really cocky after the game >:( sumone needs to remind them that there was only 4 points in it !!
We've got this place rocking now girls !!! ;)

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Reply #7 on: 02 Oct 2006, 05:11:55 pm
Haven deserved to win that stupid ref was workin for them we were robbed i tell ya !!!

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Reply #8 on: 02 Oct 2006, 05:20:03 pm
I agree im looking forward to rugby league raw just to see their try which took them to victory in the end,also has anyone not thought what might have happened if Leafa didnt kick it when he was on a break ?