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MOTM against Widnes

Offline Flannerz

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on: 01 Oct 2006, 07:26:20 pm
Personally I don't think anyone else deserves this more than Mr Broadbent himself :)

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Reply #1 on: 01 Oct 2006, 07:53:43 pm
I thought that Gary Broadbent was outstanding for us today.
He has been our most consistent player this year.
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Reply #2 on: 01 Oct 2006, 08:00:49 pm
Totally agree outstanding and as stated make  a great skipper next season.

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Reply #3 on: 01 Oct 2006, 08:03:20 pm
Gary Broadbent was fantastic.  Saved us on so many occasions when we were under pressure and took lots of ball into the tackle.  Easily MOTM for me, perhaps the best individual performance this season from any Haven player.

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Reply #4 on: 01 Oct 2006, 08:42:36 pm
yep. What more can i say what hasnt been said? deffo gary broadbent.  :D He thoroughly deserved all his awards at the awards night. ;D ;D ;D

Online whitehavenRLforever

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Reply #5 on: 01 Oct 2006, 08:57:54 pm
Most  of  them  were  outstanding  today.  I've  gone  for  Spencer  but  GB  ran  him  very  close  IMO.

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Reply #6 on: 02 Oct 2006, 06:50:38 am
Seedys for me but I would give it to the whole team if I could have!  ;D ;D
Can't stand Jam, eh!

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Reply #7 on: 02 Oct 2006, 10:04:01 am
Well our choice has got to be the one and only GARY BROADBENT, he was class today, he played his heart out and gave us 110%. He ia a big asset to the team and I for one are so glad that he has signed for us next season. Gary should be the captian next season deffo. ;)

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Reply #8 on: 02 Oct 2006, 10:44:29 am
MOTM was all you Haveners in the East Stand. From high up on the camera gantry it sounded like 10,000 fans and Dave Farrell and I continually mentioned you all in our commentary.
Let's have you young Kells-Enders singing next season as together with the drum it sounds brilliant.
Interviewed DR for BTV on the pitch after the game and he was a very, very proud if slightly emotional Haven coach.
Here's to 2007.
El Tel.

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Reply #9 on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:39:05 pm
yes, think gb just pipped spencer and seedsy,most  of the team were very good, cant wait for next season now :)


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Reply #10 on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:51:13 pm
seeds is dummy for the try was worth the entrance fee alone top class from a top class player

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Reply #11 on: 02 Oct 2006, 03:39:39 pm
Gary Broadbent....... quality can't beat the lad. Haven through and through written all over him always performs at his best and never lets the team down. He would be the first on my team sheet any day.

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Reply #12 on: 02 Oct 2006, 04:34:19 pm
the team alltogher were brill but broadbent stood out the most  :D well done lads   ;)
We've got this place rocking now girls !!! ;)

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Reply #13 on: 02 Oct 2006, 04:37:05 pm
broadbent no doubt about it
Gary Broadbent Haven Legend

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Reply #14 on: 02 Oct 2006, 05:04:13 pm
Normally I would have voted for Calvert but after his below par performance yesterday I think he dos'nt deserve it .Watching the rest of the players yesterday, who may I say were outstanding, Seedsy, Broadbent, & Spencer just to name a few all deserve to be MOM, but since I have to choose one my choice has to be Gary Broadbent who was a brilliant and outstanding mamber of the team.